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This article will outline how the 'Manage Subscription' page works, where to make changes to it, and how to provide easy access to the page for your subscribers. We will show you how a customer may login to their account, or register for the first time!

At the bottom of the article, we'll discuss common issues, and how to avoid them!

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Where customers go to login or register for a Shopify account

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- Providing as much access as possible for your subscribers

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Hiding certain options on this page

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How does it work?

Our app allows your customers to manage their subscriptions independently, through a unique page hosted by our app, called the 'Manage Subscriptions' page.

All you need to do is make sure you provide access to your customer's to easily login, or sign up - and we do the rest!

We integrate with Shopify's account system, to allow your customers to login to same account they would usually have on your Shopify store.

To be clear, we do not automatically create accounts for your new subscribers. As they must create a secure password, a customer must create an account on your Shopify store, to manage their subscription. 

Through our free liquid install, we add a new link! This link is found after a customer logins or successfully creates an account, that says 'Manage Subscription'. Where it displays may vary, depending on your Shopify theme. 

When they click on this link, after a brief verification, they are brought to a unique page (hosted by Recurring Orders) to manage their active subscription.

Customers will still see this link, even if they do not have an active subscription on your store. If they click on it, it will verify they are not a subscriber, and keep them on the page.


Where customers go to login or register for a Shopify account

As we link with Shopify's login and account system, we rely on Shopify's links to provide access for your subscribers. 

The 'Login' & 'Create An Account' links, are usually standard in most Shopify themes. Sometimes how these links look may vary. These are inserted/styled by your theme of choice, and not Recurring Orders.

Sometimes there will be two links, sometimes they will be combined - where they can sign in and register on the same page.

If you look at the URL of these links, they should be:

We suggest having these links in your main Shopify navigation, somewhere easy for customers to see when visiting your website. 

If these links are not standard in your Shopify theme, it could be for a number of reasons.

As long as you have Customer Accounts set to 'Accounts are optional', the links should be there in a traditional Shopify theme. If your theme is custom developed, your developers may need to manually insert them in.

If the links are not available when you manually type in the /login or /register URL in your internet broswer, you can always reach out to Shopify support on how to get those URL's for your Shopify store. 


These are some examples of how it may look in your Shopify navigation: 




Our unique link, and what it does

We also have a unique link you can manually add into your Shopify navigation, to add even more easy access for your subscribers.

This link looks identical to Shopify's links usually, but it has a unique re-direct. If a customer is already logged into their Shopify account on your store, and they click on this link - it brings them directly to the 'Manage Subscriptions' page. If they are not logged in, they must log in, and then they will be re-directed there! 

It's helpful to have this link have a 'Create an Account' option, not just a login option for existing customers. If it doesn't, Shopify support can help you insert that! 

This link, for you to copy - is found in the app under Settings > Display > Thank You Page.


You can copy this link, and manually add it into your Shopify navigation. This is done in the Shopify admin, under Online Store > Navigation. You can click 'Edit Menu', and then 'Add New Menu Item', and paste in the link. 



Usually, you would label it as 'Manage Your Subscription', or perhaps after your 'subscription name' or 'club name', whatever works! Just something indicating the link is uniquely provided for subscribers!




Providing as much access as possible for your subscribers

Nothing is worse than a customer not knowing where to go to sign up, so here is some advice on how to avoid that!

1) Make sure your put the links in your Shopify navigation, and make it easy for a customer to find. Small text links, are not always effective. 

2) We offer many email templates, that you can enable - where you could insert a link for your customers to create an account, if they haven't already! We personally recommend adding in a link to the bottom of the 'upcoming shipment' email. This is found in Settings > Emails, in Recurring Orders.

3) By default, the 'Manage Subscription Order' email template, when enabled, sends out when a customer makes their first subscription order in your store (with that email). Enabling this email is helpful, and makes sure ALL new subscribers, know where to go to make an account. 

4) Under Settings > Display > Thank You Page, we suggest putting a link there as well. The link is provided to you there, all you have to do it make it into an active link! You can add other text there as well. 



Where you can go to customize this page

You are able to make CSS and stlyistic changes, to the 'Manage Subscriptions' page.

This is found in the app under Settings > Display > Manage Order Page. 

We absolutely suggest pasting in a logo image URL, it makes the page look very official. :)

If you're familiar with CSS, go nuts! 

You will need an active subscription setup to access this page, to see what a customer will see. You can do this using a live credit card, and applying a 100% off Recurring Orders discount code - when you're checking out!

Or, just refund back your payment and fees, after you're done customizing.



Hiding certain options on this page

If you're familiar with CSS, you can hide certain options on this page from displaying to customers. Some stores prefer to hide the Ship Now option, or the ability to Skip an order. 

We are able to hide certain options for you! Reach out to our technical support team, by submitting a support ticket, and we'll let you know if what you'd like hidden is doable. If it is doable, it may take 1-2 business days for it to be completed, and we may need an active subscription login/password to test our work.



Common issues

1) Customers may think they already have an account on your website, just by purchasing a subscription. This is usually incorrect! Send them your Shopify link to create an account, and they'll be set. 

Unless you have accounts set to be required, which can be set in Recurring Orders under Settings > General, they usually won't have an account. 

(You may see less conversion, if you have accounts - required)

If a customer logs in, and receive the error: 'invalid credentials', they do not have an account.

This just means they have to sign up first, and then they will be able to access the Manage Subscriptions page.

Also, if you search for the customer's more recent order in Shopify, it will tell you whether they have an account or not. It will say 'Has an account', or 'No account'. 



2) The email used for their Shopify account, must also be an exact match for the email listed for their subscription in Recurring Orders.

You can always update a customer's email in the app at any time.

Just navigate to Customers > Search via name or email > Edit > click on their current email address. Change it to whatever you need it to be for the customer.










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