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 With Product Comparison, your customers can compare your product's attributes and specifications side-by-side through a pop-up widget and an easy to use interface. As the store owner, you will need to assign specs to products, so the app knows what to display.

Your customer can choose products to compare on the collection and product pages. When a customer selects a product to compare, it will be added to their "Compare Widget" which appears as a small pop-up on every page (except checkout) of the store. You can set a maximum number of products that customers can select to compare at one time; the minimum number they can select is two.

Product Summary Page

Customers can also compare products from the product page of a configured product with the "compare" button.

When the customer selected this button, the product is added to the user's compare widget. This widget is maintained throughout their visit, so they can visit other products pages and select compare buttons on those pages as well.

Product Details Page

On the "Product Comparison" page, selected products are displayed in a table where customers see the listed specs. The table also lists the price of each selected product, includes an image, and provides a link for the customer to "Buy" the product, which links to the product page.

Product Compare Page

We recommend that you do your initial product spec setup through a CSV import. This process allows you to enter your specs directly into a spreadsheet which you can upload through Product Comparison. This method is much quicker than adding the specs one by one. The .CSV file (comma-separated values) file that you import will need to be in a specific format to be properly interpreted by the app. A sample file is available at the bottom of this page.

Visit Import Specs with Product Comparison for detailed instructions. 

Product Comparison allows you to edit an individual product's specs. It is useful for adding additional specs to a product or updating them for any reason. For the initial setup of your store's specifications, it is highly recommended to use the import tool as explained above.

Visit Add Specs to a Product for detailed instructions.

Sample import file:

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