Cancellation Management in Recurring Orders

We've designed a Cancellation Management feature that will help you retain customers looking to cancel their subscription, and provide some unique options that will hopefully keep your customers subscribed and satisfied. :)

This feature is important when a customer is logged in and managing their subscription! This is why it's important to provide a link in your navigation so a customer can easily get to this area. 

Click here to learn how to place that link on your storefront.

In this article, I'll explain how this features functions, and note some important things on using this fantastic new addition. 

You can find the setup for this feature under Settings > Cancellation, in the app admin. 

First, you must decide... how do you want to allow customers to cancel their subscriptions?

We provide 4 options, and you can choose only one. 

Every option has some unique offerings or capabilities.

The first option: 

Cancel their subscription
This is extremely straightforward. If you select this option, a customer can cancel their subscription at any time from the "Manage Subscriptions" area of the application. They will not be offered any solutions or information, and their subscription will promptly end. 

The second option: 
Ask them for a reason they want to cancel

Get feedback from customers or try to keep them with incentives

This options allows you to create multiple "responses" as to why a customer may be looking to cancel. Each option a customer selects will result in different options/information being presented to them.

A customer will still end up being able to cancel but hopefully with the correct information or a customized incentive, that won't happen. ;) 

This option requires the most setup, but don't worry, it'll be worth it in the end! This would be the option you would choose if you're invested in keeping your customers subscribed, and want to do whatever it takes to keep them! 

Click here to read more about how to set this up.


The third option:

Provide them with special instructions

Create a message with instructions for how to cancel

This option is also quite straightforward. This is well suited for stores that would rather have customers contact them to cancel. You can put any text you see fit in this area and provide contact details if you wish. This text will display immediately after a customer attempts to cancel. 


The fourth option: 

Don’t show a cancel button

This is for stores that do not want to allow cancellations. The option to cancel their subscription will not display in the "Manage Subscriptions" area. This may result in customers contacting you more often, but you will have the ability to cancel their subscription for them in the app admin. 

Setting Up "Ask Them For A Reason They Want To Cancel"

With the second option, you can create a number of different reasons a customer may cancel and provide different options, special cancellation coupons, or text when a customer clicks on that specific reason.


Here are some examples you could use:

  • Too expensive
  • Receiving products too often
  • Can't figure out how to swap product
  • Won't be home for the next shipment
  • Need to skip a shipment
  • Need less product 
  • Can't figure out how to use the product

So many possibilities! 

For each option, you must provide a "result" that will display to your customer upon choosing that specific reason. 


Provide Incentives for Customer Retention

To allow more in-depth options, you must select the option below:

If you do not select it, you will just be listing reasons why a customer is cancelling that they can choose, but will not be providing any further options. A customer will select why they are cancelling, and cancel their subscription. This is simple to setup, and would be advised for stores looking for a quick solution without any setup being necessary. It'll provide a bit more insight as to why customers are cancelling. 


If you choose to provide incentives...

If you select the above option, you can choose to:

If you choose Provide Offers and Discounts, you are able to offer special "Cancellation Discount Codes", which we will learn about further down in this post. :) Or click here to read about them now! 

If you choose Provide Custom Explanation Text, you are able to use full rich text editing and HTML to provide a detailed page explaining whatever you want! You can insert photos, external links, anything. The possibilities are pretty endless with this, so go nuts! 



Here are a few examples of how you would set up your responses. Right click on the image to 'open in new tab' to maximize the size of the image. Keep in mind, how you label these 'reasons' are how they display to the customer. 

Too Hard To Use:

Don't cancel and save 15%:

You'll notice a cancellation discount/coupon code is being offered, and the ability for a customer to modify the quantity. 

I Won't Be Home For My Next Shipment:

Sometimes, you just need to make sure your customers are educated on their options if they might be going on a long vacation or not home to receive their next order. You'll notice this doesn't provide any coupons or explanation, just links them to a "skip" area that is already there, they just missed it. ;)


Make sure to click "Done Editing" after each reason is finished, and click "Add a Reason" to add additional reasons. 


You're almost done!


When all is said and done, this is how it should look to you in the app admin:


And this is how it should look to your customers when they try to cancel:


Now, that wasn't too hard, was it? :) 

Cancellation Codes

If you are unfamiliar with discount codes, feel free to read these articles first:

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There is now a new option when creating a discount code, which designates a discount code to only be used for cancellation scenarios.

Creating these coupons as 'Cancellation Discounts' will list them in the 'Offer these discounts' area of Cancellation Management.

Instead of choosing 'Standard Discount', you would choose 'Cancellation Discount'. 

What is important, is specifying how many orders you want this discount to apply to.
For example, maybe you don't want this discount code to stay applied to their subscription forever but limit it to two orders.
Don't forget to specify this unless you want it to apply forever!

Important to Note About Cancellation Codes:

Discount codes will stack in this situation. If they are already receiving a previous discount on their subscription, and they add the cancellation discount, you will see them stack in their next recurring order.

Providing too many options for customers sounds like a good idea in theory, but can be confusing. We advise linking only one cancellation discount code per 'reason', and try to limit your discount options to 1 or 2 at the most. 


Additional Things Of Importance:

  • You can change the language settings for the Manage Subscriptions Cancellation window. Feel free to brand it to your liking with whatever wording you prefer. You can find this under Settings > Language Settings > Wording for the Recurring Orders page.

  • If you're going to be using cancellation codes, you'll need to add a special snippet to your order confirmation email in Shopify. Click here to learn more about it. 

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Feel free to contact Victoria if you have any more questions about this feature or by contacting our Support Wizards here.

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