Merchant's Guide to Digital Downloads

The Marketplace app's Digital Downloads feature allows merchants to upload digital products such as music, books, and images to be sold through a Shopify storefront. Uploading a digital product to Marketplace is just as easy as creating a standard product and can be done in minutes.

Creating a digital product

Digital products are created through the same method as regular, physical products. To start, log into your store's Merchant Portal and select "Products".

First, select applicable categories that will help customers to find your product. If your product is a digital product, select the Digital Product checkbox to enable options that will let you properly configure your item. This checkbox will automatically select options that are recommended for products not requiring shipping; therefore it is highly recommended to create physical variants on a product before ticking this box. A physical variant might include something like a framed print of an image, where a digital variant would be the image file itself.

Select your preferred method of order fulfillment. This will generally be automatic fulfillment for a digital product.

Enter in a title, description, and add photos for your product. At least one photo is required to properly submit your item for approval.

The variants option allows you to add different files that may be selected by a customer. This could be an option for customers who want to purchase a higher-scale resolution of an image or a different version of a digital product. 

The following options provide allow you to set a price, compare-at price (generally a higher price that will be crossed out to show the customer they are receiving a discount and create a call-to-action). 

Generally a digital product will not have a weight; you will not need to enter it but can if directed to do so by your administrator. 

If you would like to manage inventory or limit availability of your digital product, you may do so using the "Manage Inventory" checkbox.

After pressing the "Continue" button, you will be prompted to upload the files for your digital products. Store administrators can restrict file extensions that can be uploaded; be sure to check to confirm which types of files are suitable for sale.

How customers download products

When customers purchase your products from a store using the Marketplace app, payments and fulfillment are all handled automatically. The customer will be sent a download link to the product once it has been fulfilled. The store administrator configures settings relating to how long the customer has to download the product and how many times the download link can be used.

Editing a digital product

Digital products can also be edited from the Products tab of your Merchant Portal.

Dependent on your administrator's configuration, changes made to either Product Info or attachments may require approval by store staff.

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