Marketplace - Version 2.1 - Release Notes : Digital Downloads

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We're always looking to increase the versatility of Marketplace while trying to improve the workflow to boost efficiency for both the merchant and the store owner. As a result, we have added Digital Downloads. This will provide direct support for digital products through the merchant portal.

You can Edit Digital Download Settings to help define the conditions you want your merchants to use, Review the Store Owner Digital Downloads Orientation for updates to the store admin to keep everything in order.

When a merchant creates a product, they are prompted early in the product creation form to choose whether or not the product will be digital, and whether or not it will require manual or automatic fulfillment. Automatic fulfillment will allow the purchase to go through without prompting the merchant to send a physical product to the customer.

Digital Downloads fields

When creating a digital product, the merchant will have a variety of fields auto-populated (shipping requirements, weight, fulfillment format, etc.) however they are not restricted by those, increasing the flexibility and ease of the new feature. When they select the digital product format, they are notified to complete the form and are directed to a secondary attachments page where they can upload their digital files.

Digital Downloads screen

The new fulfillment section can help stores selling physical products as well. Let's say a store owner wants to sell apparel that they make themselves, allow artists to sell their designs to be printed on those items, but the store owner will create and send them out. Using auto fulfillment, those merchants can sell their designs while the actual shipping of the product rests on the store.

By combining the Custom Pages and Custom Registration Fields sections, you can create a Terms and Conditions page for prospective merchants to agree to before they can submit their merchant application. Visit Set up Terms and Conditions Registration Field for detailed instructions.

Visit Marketplace - Release Notes to see full release notes. On top of that, we know that orienting your merchants can be a daunting process, so we've created a few articles to help you out: