Refunds and Transaction Fees

Refunding a subscription order is different than refunding a normal Shopify Order.

Read more here about how to process a Recurring Orders refund correctly.

If you process the refund through the payment gateway dashboard, or through Shopify (which is an incorrect process), you will not receive the proper fees back.


For clients using Stripe, when you process a refund, you will receive all fees back. 

Our 1%, and Stripe's fees as well. As we take our 1% fee through Stripe before your deposit, you will get all fees back at once. 

You can read more about it here on Stripe's website.


For clients using BrainTree, when you process a refund, you will get your 1% transactions fees back. Will we deduct the 1% fee from your commission owed, when charging your credit card attached to the app.

Click here to read more about how BrainTree handles their fees and refunds. 

If you can’t find an answer, give BrainTree a call at 877.434.2894 or email their Support team.

For All Other Beta Gateways

We will always refund our 1% fee, by deducting it off the commission owed when charging your credit card. 

However, payment gateway fees, and how they are credited back when refunds are processed, are different from gateway to gateway.

Please reach out to your payment gateway support teams for their official policy of approaching refunds. 




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