Bulk Discount Codes in Bold Subscriptions


With Bold Subscriptions, you can create discount codes in bulk which can be exported in CSV format for use with other applications and services like Groupon, referral, and affiliate programs, etc.

Visit Create Bulk Discount Codes for detailed instructions.

Within the Subscriptions app, "Discount Codes" can be found in the tabs along the top.

When creating a "Bold Subscriptions" discount code, you have three options: Standard Discount, Cancellation Discount, or Bulk Discount Group.

You can find the Bulk Discount Group in the "Discount Type" drop-down box.

Discount Type

A new "Bulk Creation Options" area will appear below.

Bulk Creation Options 


You have two format options when creating bulk discount groups:

    • Series, (001, 002, 003, Etc)
    • Random

Choose the option that is best for you and your customers.


Whatever code you put in the "Discount code" box will be the prefix for your bulk discount codes.

We recommend using all capital letters with no spacing.

Discount Code Prefix


Once you've chosen the functionality of your discount codes, the prefix, and format of the bulk discount code group, you can select "Save Discount Code".

Visit Create Bulk Discount Codes for detailed setup instructions.

To view the contents of your bulk discount code group, select "View List", you can select a "Discount Type" to refine your search.

If you make a mistake in creating you bulk discount group, you can "Delete All" and start over.

Discount Codes

View List

If you select "View List", when viewing the description of your bulk discount group, a modal window will pop up.

Once it loads, it will display (with scroll and pagination) all the discount codes that have been created within this group.

Discount Codes - Details

Note: If there are a large number of discount codes, this modal window may take a small amount of time to load.

You can view when a discount code has been used, whether it is active or inactive, disable it, or delete it entirely.

There is a search feature in the top-right corner, enter a discount code and it will bring you to that exact one.  


When viewing a list of discount codes within a group, there is an "Export This List To CSV" button in the top-right corner.  Select it to download the CSV file to your computer.  The file will contain a list of all discount codes in that bulk group, and whether they are enabled or disabled.

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