Create Earning Tiers

Earning tiers allow users to have their earning ratios modified from the base tier. It allows for different customers to earn points at a faster/slower rate than others. Many stores use this to reward clients who are store members or have higher-than-average order values.

To create an earning tier for your rewards program, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.
  2. Select Loyalty Points by Bold.
  3. Select Program Settings.
  4. Select Earning Tiers.

    select earning tiers

  5. Select Create a New Tier.

    select create a new tier

  6. Under "Name and Details", enter a Tier Name, Tier Description and the Tier Details Link.

    enter tier name and details

  7. Under "Logo", select Choose File or Use external link to the logo for this tier.

    select a logo

  8. Under "Earning and Redeeming", enter the Points Customers Earn and Points Customer Redeem in this tier.

    Note: You can't adjust the redemption ratio in new Tiers. If you want to modify it go back into the "Base Reward Tier". There you will see the "Redemption Ratio" grayed out but can refer to it to help adjust your earning rate.

    enter the earning and redeeming tiers

  9. Under "Summary", enter a Tier Summary Description.

    enter a tier summary description

  10. Under "Assignment", enter Customer Tags.

    enter customer tags

  11. Under "Auto-Upgrade", select Auto-Upgrade and enter a Minimum spending threshold to auto-upgrade.

    select auto-upgrade

  12. Select Save.


That's it!

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