Create Earning Tiers

Earning Tiers

Earning tiers allow users to have their earning ratios modified from the base tier. This allows for different customers to earn points at a faster/slower rate than others. Many stores use this to reward clients who are store members or have higher-than-average order values.

Create a new earning tier

  1. Navigate to the required section by selecting Program Settings, Earning Tiers on the navigation bar.
  2. Click on "Create New Tier"
  3. You can adjust the earning ratio for this Tier

        You cannot* adjust the redemption ratio in new Tiers. If you want to adjust simply go back into the "Base Reward Tier" page. You will see the Redemption Ratio grayed out but able to refer to it to help adjust your earning ratio.


     4. To put a customer into this tier you can manually tag them (Through Shopify's customer section)

      5. Setting up your Tier Details.



Click SAVE and you've created your first Tier! :-D


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