Language and Wording Settings FAQ


Bold Subscriptions allows you to change all the wording and language, on almost all major features and pages.

All of the options are found under Settings > Language Settings.

By default, it says: "Subscribe and Save!"

Configure Language Settings to change the wording of your subscription product pages. Some wording can't be removed, but it can be adjusted.

Currently, this isn't an option. The language settings are global and affect all pages in your store. There is no way to have two languages operating on one Shopify store.

Yes, we've tried to make sure the app is fully translatable. If you notice anything that you can't translate, please contact our Merchant Success team.

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  • I am trying to make minor word changes to the subscribe and save field. When I change and save I do not see the change on my website. I've cleared cache and attempted to change twice. Any suggestions?

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  • Hey Michael!

    Thanks so much for reaching out :) When changes to the language settings are made in Subscriptions these are not instantly reflected on the store front (it may take some time for this change to be shown).

    If you want the language changes that you've saved in the app to be immediately seen on the front end, you can follow the steps below to force the update:

    1. From "Shopify Admin", select Online Store.
    2. Select Actions.
    3. Select Edit code.
    4. Under "Snippets", select bold-common.liquid.
    5. At the bottom of the file, find the line: `window.BOLD.common.cacheParams.recurring_orders = XXXXXXXXXX`. Note: The number at the end of the cache is randomly generated. Your cache number will read something similar to "1234567890".
    6. Change the number at the end of the line to a new number (you can simply add/remove/change a digit).
    7. Select Save.

    Once you complete these steps this should force the widget to pull the new language settings. Feel free to repeat this process several times if you're making changes to the language settings on multiple occasions.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions from here and we'll be glad to assist!

    Knowledge Centre Manager

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