Shipping Rates in Bold Subscriptions


When using Bold Subscriptions, you have two choices regarding shipping rates:

  • Rely on Shopify shipping rates (which you may have already taken a lot of time and care to configure for your needs); or
  • Use Subscriptions' fixed shipping rate feature.

If you choose to rely on Shopify based shipping rates, Subscriptions can adjust them dynamically when applicable so that you'll be charging the correct shipping rate, based on the changes a customer may make, or the changes you make for them.

In Subscriptions admin, under Settings > General, you will find our fixed shipping rate option about halfway down the page. You can use this feature to set fixed shipping rates to charge the same rate to all orders in a country you ship to.

Fixed Shipping Rates


  • This would be useful for stores that sell non-physical items, or if you have a fixed inventory selection like a subscription box.
  • If you expect subscribers will be making changes to their product quantities or adding new items to their subscription regularly, this may not be the best option for your store.
  • If you enter "0", it will provide free shipping on all subscription orders.
  • The fixed shipping rates still show up in the subscription checkout as a regular shipping rate would. The fixed rate is automatically assigned after they type in their shipping address.

Visit Use Fixed Shipping Rates in Bold Subscriptions for detailed setup instructions.

If you do not use the Bold Subscriptions fixed shipping rate feature, your Shopify shipping rates will automatically be applied in the subscription checkout. Subscriptions will dynamically adjust a subscriber's Shopify shipping rate if changes are made to their subscription.

When a subscriber logs in to make a change to their subscription, it will have them confirm a Shopify shipping rate or choose a new one.

confirm a Shopify shipping rate or choose a new one

If a customer makes a change and a change in shipping rate is not necessary, it will be indicated.

No New Shipping Rate

If a Shopify admin makes a change in the "Customer" area of Subscriptions on behalf of the subscriber, they will also be prompted to choose a new shipping rate.

Admin choose a new shipping rate

Visit Use Shopify Shipping Rates with Bold Subscriptions for detailed setup instructions.

Subscriptions will check to see if a new Shopify shipping rate applies when a Shopify admin or the subscriber makes these types of adjustments:

Admin Changes

  • Add a new product
  • Adjust existing product quantities
  • Delete a product
  • Swap a product
  • Change is made to a specific upcoming order like a quantity change
  • Change made to shipping address

Subscriber Changes

  • Add to existing subscription (add a new product)
  • Adjust existing product quantities
  • Delete a product or change quantity to "0"
  • Swap a product
  • Change is made to a specific upcoming order, like a quantity change
  • Change made to shipping address

Other Unique Circumstances

Subscriptions will look for a new shipping rate if a customer's second subscription order automatically changes after their first subscription order. This would apply to customers with one-time purchases in their first subscription order along with their subscription items. After the first order, the one-time purchases will fall off and it may result in a new shipping rate. This will be useful for stores using Multiple Product cart style.

Changed shipping rate

There may be cases where there is more than one Shopify shipping rate that applies to an order. This would be common when using carrier calculated shipping or special express/overnight rates.

A customer can sign in to the "Manage Subscription" page at any time, and choose a shipping rate if there are multiple options available. It will also prompt them to choose or confirm a new rate immediately following an order adjustment. If they've made a change and only one new rate is applicable, there is a notification advising them that their rate has automatically changed.

In Bold Subscriptions admin under Settings > General Settings, there is an option to set a default selection for when a customer does not sign in and choose a new shipping rate.

Shopify Shipping Rates

  • "Select the cheapest shipping rate" will default to the cheapest shipping rate.
  • "Select the closest shipping rate" will assign the shipping rate most similar to their previous shipping rate with the same carrier. This would be best suited for a store that relies on carrier calculated shipping rates in Shopify.

For example: if you have FedEx and UPS rates available and the customer chooses a FedEx rate on their first order, it will default to a new FedEx rate, even though it may be more expensive than a rate available with UPS.

If a customer signs into the "Manage Subscription" page before the updated order generates, they can change it to UPS if they desire.

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