Shipping Rates in Recurring Orders

Recurring Orders and Shipping Rates

When using Recurring Orders, you have two choices regarding shipping methods.

You can choose to rely on your Shopify shipping rates, which you may have already taken great time and care to configure for your needs.

Or, you can choose to use Recurring Order's fixed shipping rate feature.

If you choose to rely on your Shopify shipping methods, our app now dynamically adjusts Shopify shipping rates. 

 This means you'll be charging a correct Shopify shipping rate on each individual recurring order that generates in Shopify, regardless of the changes a customer might make, or, the changes you make for them!

This article will go over both available options, and show you how Recurring Orders behaves if you use your Shopify shipping rates.

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Recurring Orders Fixed Shipping Rates

In the app admin, under Settings > General, you will find our fixed shipping rate option about half way down the page.

You can use this feature to set fixed shipping rates for countries you ship to, meaning the same rate will be applied to all recurring orders. 


This would be useful for stores that sell non-physical items, or if you have a fixed inventory selection like a  subscription box!

If you expect subscribers will be making changes to their product quantities or adding new items to their subscription regularly, this may not be the best option for your store. 

If you put '0', it'll provide free shipping on all recurring orders. 

The fixed shipping rates still show up in the recurring checkout like a regular shipping rate would! The fixed rate is automatically assigned after they type in their shipping address. 


Using Your Shopify Shipping Rates

If you do not use our fixed shipping rate feature, Recurring Orders will automatically apply your Shopify shipping rates in our recurring checkout.



Thanks to recent app development, Recurring Orders will now dynamically adjust a subscriber's Shopify shipping rate, if changes are made to their subscription between orders.

Previously, when a Shopify shipping rate was applied on the first recurring order, it would keep that shipping rate attached for all future recurring orders. This was not ideal for many Shopify users. Now, Recurring Orders will automatically adjust the attached Shopify shipping rate if their recurring order changes and is now eligible for a new shipping rate.

This is going to be extremely beneficial for stores using price-based shipping rates, and weight based as well!

When a subscriber logs in to make a change to their subscription, it will have them confirm or choose a new Shopify shipping rate. In fact, they won't be able to successfully complete their subscription adjustment without confirming their new shipping rate!

If a customer makes a change, and a change in shipping rate is not necessary, that will be indicated as well.

If a Shopify admin makes a change in the 'Customers' area of Recurring Orders on behalf of the subscriber, they will be prompted to choose a new shipping rate as well. One click of a button, and their new upcoming order will have the correct Shopify shipping rate attached! 



What will cause a Shopify shipping rate to change?

As of September 15th, 2016, whenever a Shopify admin or the subscriber makes the following types of adjustments, our app will check to see if a new Shopify shipping rate applies:


Admin Changes

1. Add a new product

2. Adjust existing product quantities

3. Delete a product

4. Swap a product

5. Change is made to a specific upcoming order like a quantity change

6. Change made to shipping address


Subscriber Changes

1. Add to existing subscription (add a new product) (see image below)

2. Adjust existing product quantities

3. Delete a product or change quantity to '0'

4. Swap a product

5. Change is made to a specific upcoming order, like a quantity change

6. Change made to shipping address 


Other Unique Circumstances

Recurring Orders will also look for a new shipping rate if a customer's second recurring order automatically changes after their first recurring order. This would apply to cases of customers having one-time purchases in their first recurring order alongside their recurring items. After the first order, these one-time purchases will fall off, possibly resulting in a new shipping rate being eligible. This will be useful for stores using Multiple Product mode!

Important Details When Using Shopify Shipping Rates

There may be cases where there is more than one Shopify shipping rate that applies to an order. This would be common when using carrier calculate shipping or having special express/overnight rates.

A customer can sign in to the 'Manage Subscriptions' page at any time, and choose a shipping rate, if there are multiple options available. It will also prompt them to choose or confirm a rate immediately following an applicable order adjustment. If they've made a change and only one new rate is applicable, this is just for them to be aware their rate has automatically changed. 

There is a setting found in the app admin under Settings > General, that allows you to choose a preference for when a customer does not sign in and choose their shipping rate

If you choose 'Select the cheapest shipping rate', it will do just that. If there are multiple shipping rates available and the subscriber does not make a choice, it'll default to the cheapest applicable shipping rate.

If you choose 'Select the closest shipping rate', it will automatically assign a new applicable shipping rate that is most similar to their previous attached shipping rate. This would be best suited for a store that relies on carrier calculated shipping rates in Shopify. 

For example, if you have both FedEx and UPS rates available and the customer choses a FedEx rate on their first order, it'll default to a new FedEx rate, even though it may be more expensive than a rate available with UPS. 

If a customer signs into the 'Manage Subscription' page before the updated order generates, they can change it to UPS if they desire. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I offer a 'Subscribe and Save' discount on my products, and use my Shopify shipping rates?

Due to our integration access to Shopify's Shipping API, we are only able to calculate and apply Shopify shipping rates prior to a subscription discount, or discount code, being applied. This means we apply Shopify shipping rates to the order subtotal, not the discounted total.  We've worked with Shopify in the past on this issue, and this is a known limitation. 

What happens if I delete a Shopify shipping rate that is currently attached to recurring orders?

If you delete a Shopify shipping method that is currently attached to active subscriptions, the next cheapest applicable shipping rate will be chosen as an automatic replacement.

Why does the recurring checkout say 'No Available Shipping Rates'?

If the recurring checkout page isn't able to pull in Shopify shipping rates, make sure your store isn't password protected. If it is, you'll need to make it public. If your store is public and it still doesn't work, check your Shopify shipping settings to ensure that you have sufficient rates enabled.

If I change the pricing or names of my Shopify shipping rates, does Recurring Orders automatically update to those new shipping rate prices and labels?

If you've made adjustments to your shipping rates, you may want to contact our support team. Sometimes an internal shipping rate refresh is needed. 

What happens if I add a brand new Shopify shipping rate?

If you add a brand new shipping rate, this rate will now be available for new subscribers, and it will also be offered as an option when changes have been made to an existing subscription. It will not automatically apply to any existing subscriptions if another applicable rate is already attached.

How long can it take for changes made to my shipping rates to show up in the recurring checkout, or in the app under 'Update Shipping Method'?

Changes or additions made to your Shopify shipping rates can take anywhere from five to 60 minutes to reflect in Recurring Orders.

We know many of our app users have been waiting for this Shopify shipping rate feature, so feel free to comment below with how you plan to benefit from this feature. Or, just tell us what you think! :)

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