Recurring Orders - Version 1.9.2 - Release Notes - September 15 - 2016

This Recurring Orders release had one main focus: improving the way Recurring Orders handles the use of Shopify shipping methods.

We're extremely happy to announce that Recurring Orders now adapts accordingly when changes are made to a customer's subscription.

Previously, Recurring Orders would attach an applicable Shopify shipping rate to a subscriber's first order, and store that Shopify shipping rate for all future orders. With how many changes are made to subscriptions between orders, this was not always ideal.

Now, when changes are made to a customer's subscription, whether automatic or actively by the customer themselves, the Shopify shipping rate will adjust automatically or prompt the customer to make a shipping rate change if there are multiple options.

  • Our Recurring Checkout no longer requires state/province or zip codes, for countries where that is not applicable. It'll now match up with the Shopify's checkout experience in this area.
  • We will now allow Shipping Name to be stored completely separate from Billing Name. Though, a subscription will still be listed under the applicable Billing Name in the "Customers" tab of Recurring Orders.

A customer's shipping method will adjust accordingly (if needed) when a Shopify admin or subscriber makes these changes:

  • A product is swapped inside a subscription.
  • A new product is added to a subscription, via the app admin or "Add to Existing Subscription" feature.
  • The quantity of a product is adjusted higher or lower.
  • A product is deleted from a subscription.
  • A change is made to a specific upcoming order, like a quantity change.
  • A customer's first recurring order contains one-time purchases, and the second recurring order does not, which results in a lower value/quantity in the second recurring order.

The Fine Details

If there are multiple shipping rates applicable to a customer's order once a change has been made, they do have the ability to sign into the "Manage Subscription" page and choose an applicable shipping method.

If no customer selection is made before an upcoming order is set to process, our app will automatically select the cheapest applicable shipping rate, or select the closest shipping rate.

You get to choose which option, under Settings -> General. You can see this in the below image.

"Closest" means most similar to the style of shipping rate a customer had on their previous order, like UPS, or FedEx, for example.

Shopify Shipping Rates 

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