Loyalty Points - Version 1.0 - Release Notes

We're always working on some new and awesome things for Loyalty Points. Today, we get to share a bunch of new features with you!

Let's start with something everyone will enjoy: New pricing tiers that are more affordable and convenient.  :-)

This picture below features the old pricing, just for reference.




Now, here is the New pricing tiers. We've been working on this for a while now! Remember that you can also find the new pricing information under "Account Settings" in the Loyalty Points app itself.


We've added something pretty cool for our Enterprise customers (10K+): Now you can contact us to setup a custom pricing tier! When you contact us, we'll chat with you and figure something out that will work for everyone.

Simply contact us at


We've redefined the way an "active" customer is counted! In order for a customer to be considered "active" now, they will need a password associated with their email on the front end. Meaning, if they've earned points but do not have a password associated with their email, those points will be held until they add a password.

If you're an existing Loyalty customer of ours, you'll notice the "active" number go down from what it was previously. If you have any other questions regarding this matter, please contact us at 


Next up, we decided to add one more piece of liquid code to the install. Optional, of course, but once you see it here, we think you'll love it as much as we do!


On the cart page, you can now show your Loyalty customers how many points they will earn per order! 

*The liquid instructions have been updated to have this last snippet included. *

We've also added a product sync button to help when you're adding new products into your store that our app might not catch right away. It has three different "stages".

It will present one of these three options:






 We've also added a little more information in the Custom CSS box (under Display Settings). 


If that isn't cool enough for you, we also added two links to our purchase modal!

Instead of having nowhere to go once a customer purchases a product using their points, they will now be able to either view their account or continue shopping.



If you need help getting anything set up, or have any questions, you can always reach us by submitting a new request or jumping on our live chat.


Here are the rest of the changes we've made:

  • We added Tooltips to the main navigation. Take a look, it should help our new customers.
  • We created a more intuitive way of displaying the earning and redeeming ratios under Base Reward Points.
  • We added a few new filter options in Statistics.
  • We added an "Active" customer filter on the Customers page. You can now click and see who is active and who is inactive.
  • We added a "close" button on the purchase modal.
  • We added a check for 'accepts_marketing' flag in our emails so that the customers who chose to not accept will not receive our emails.


Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug where, when using a smaller screen in the points adjustment section, the width of the box was cut off.
  • We solved an issue where the app would have the email templates default to "enable". We fixed the setting to default to "disabled".
  • On the Bonus Points > Product Purchase page there was an issue when selecting products and previewing them in a list that all variants would show. It now shows the correct product list without all variants.
  • A PHP error was encountered. The error was happening when clicking on export in the transactions page. It is now fixed and the "export" button now works.
  • We had a bug where, if a shop owner deletes a customer and recreates them with the same email address in the Shopify Admin, our database would have multiple customers with that email from the same shop. This has been resolved.
  • Digital files and gift cards work by sending our email and Shopify's email instead of just ours.






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