Disconnect your PayPal Account from Bold Memberships


Disconnecting your account will cancel any memberships that are using PayPal as their payment method.


In order to sell your memberships to customers, you'll need to have a payment gateway connected.

To disconnect your PayPal account from Bold Memberships, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to PayPal.com.

    Picture shows the PayPal homepage

  2. Select Log in.

    Picture shows the PayPal homepage with the Log In button in the top-right corner highlighted

  3. Enter your email address, password, then select Log in.

    Picture shows the PayPal login screen, with an email, password underaneath, and the Log In button underneath that highlighted

  4. Select Profile.

    In the top-right corner, select Profile (between the notification bell and the Log Out button)

  5. Select Profile and settings.

    In the drop-down menu, select Profile and Settings at the bottom

  6. Select My selling tools.

    On the left-and side, select My Selling Tools

  7. Next to "API access", select Update.

    To the far-right of the API Access column, select Update

  8. Select Add or edit API permissions.

    At the bottom of the API Access page, select Add or Edit API Permissions

  9. Next to Bold Innovation Group, select Remove Third Party.

    Near the right-hand side, select Remove Third Party (underneath View Third Party, which is directly to the right of Bold Innovation Group)

  10. Select OK

    On the pop-up window, select OK

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