Set up Social Sharing Bonus Points


To allow customers to earn points by sharing your pages or products on Social Media, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Loyalty Points by Bold.

    select Loyalty Points by Bold

  3. Select Program Settings.

    select program settings

  4. Select Bonus Points.

    select bonus points

  5. Select Social Bonuses.

    select social bonuses

  6. Under "Platforms" select Facebook and/or Twitter.

    select platforms

  7. Select where you would like the Share Bonuses to display.
    • Product Share - This setting is to display the share buttons on the product pages.
    • Order Thank You Share - This setting is to display the share buttons on the thank you page, once an order has been placed.
    • Other Social Share - This setting is to display the share buttons on other pages, for example, the about us or contact pages.

    select share bonuses

  8. Complete the Share Settings for each method chosen in step 7.

    Note: The options will vary slightly for each method chosen.

    • Default Message and Share URL - Enter the default message you'd like your customers to share here. Customers will still have a chance to edit the message before sharing. We'll add the URL you enter to the end of the message you set.
    • Frequency - This is how often a customer can share any product or link. For example, weekly would mean that every week a customer can share one of your products or links for points. Any additional shares during that week would not earn points.

    complete the share settings

  9. Select Copy Widget.

    select copy widget

  10. Paste the code:

That's it!

Note: Customers will only be able to share each unique order once for points. This way, as they place more orders, they'll always have the chance to share for points.

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  • Hi, I cant find this setting in app and app looks little bit different. Can you please help me, where i can find "Social bonuses" exactly?

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  • Hi Jiri,

    MC from the Merchant Success team here!
    This article is specific for the older version of the app that is no longer available for download.

    At this time with the Version you are on we do not have this type of feature, however we offer referrals and campaigns.

    Link to the current Version FAQ:

    Let me know if there are any other questions :) You can also send in an email to our team at

    Thank you,
    Tier 2 Specialist

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