Add the Share and Earn Points Widgets

Social Bonuses

Here's where you can choose which pages customers can share from, how many points they get for each type of share, and how often they're able to share for points.

You have three options to choose from (or choose all three if you'd like!)


Each one will have it's own widget. Please click the widget button and you should see the confirmation note below that it has been copied to your clipboard. :-)


Widget scripts and where to place them:

NOTE: If you decide to copy from this article you will need to change the domain

The example above is from the product share widget.



We suggest you add this widget in Online Store>Themes>Edit HTML>Templates>product.liquid under the Add To Cart button, but you can insert it anywhere:


Add this widget to Settings>Checkout>Order Processing>In the Additional Scripts field:


This one can be put on another page to be used as an "about us".




Default Message and URL

You'll enter the default message you'd like your customers to share here. Customers will still have a chance to edit the message before sharing. We'll add the URL you enter to the end of the message you set.


This is how often a customer can share any product or link.

EG: Weekly would mean that every week a customer can share one of your products or links for points. Any additional shares during that week would not earn points.

Note for sharing orders

Customers will only be able to share each unique order once for points. This way, as they place more orders, they'll always have the chance to share for points.






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