Line Item Properties for Bold Subscriptions and Product Options


Bold Subscriptions and Product Options 2.0 are compatible, with only a few minor limitations.

Visit Product Options by Bold for more information.

Using Product Options on your Shopify store is a fantastic way to offer unique products to your customers, and a great way to get around Shopify's 100 variant limit. Options creates unique line properties that are attached to the product during the purchasing process. But what happens if you want to offer subscriptions on those unique products too?

With the latest Subscriptions release in January 2017, not only will the line item properties display to the customer in the "Manage Subscription" area, but you'll be able to view those line properties on the admin side of Subscriptions too. With the use of our "Add to Existing Subscription" feature, subscribers will be able to replace the product in their existing subscription with an updated version and add additional customized products to their subscription.

It's recommended to integrate Options before accepting subscribers.

Note: "Add to Existing Subscription" is only compatible with Priced Options (Create Priced Options with Product Options) for users using Product Options 2.0.

Visit View Line Item Properties in Bold Subscriptions for detailed instructions.

Using Options, you're able to grab additional information, like size information, scent preferences, and how old your customer is. It can make it easier to customize their box, and send them the right sizes.

To get the line item properties to display in the subscription checkout, visit Enable Line Item Properties in the Subscriptions Checkout.

Monthly Subscription Box

Once the customer places their first subscription order, they'll be able to sign into the "Manage Subscription" customer area and view their customized product(s).

Here they'll be able to view their subscription product and the attached line properties.

Manage Subscription page

As a Shopify admin, you'll also be able to view a customer's unique product in their subscription from inside the Bold Subscriptions app. You find it when you select "View Products" while editing a customer's subscription.

App subscription box

The "Add to Existing Subscription" feature is compatible with line item properties as well. This feature allows a subscriber to add new products to their existing subscription.

Note: "Add to Existing Subscription" is only compatible with Priced Options for users using Product Options 2.0. Non-priced line item properties are compatible with 1.0 and 2.0, and the third party developed non-priced line item properties.

An existing subscriber must be logged into their Shopify account on your store to see this option on the product page. You can usually locate this button beside the native Shopify "Add to Cart" button and allows them to add a customized product to their existing subscription. It can be used to swap the product in their current subscription if they need to update it or adjust the line properties of the product.

The two products will show separately, even if they are the same Shopify product, making it easy to delete the older version. On the flip side, this also makes it easy for a customer to subscribe to two different customized versions of the same Shopify product.

Add to Existing Subscription

Correct Steps:

  1. On a Shopify product page, a logged-in customer will see the "Add to Existing Subscription" button beside the regular "Add to Cart" button. Selecting it brings up a modal window where they can confirm which subscription to add the new product.


  2. The customer would then navigate back to the "Manage Subscription" page, and remove the older version of the product (if applicable). They can remove the product by selecting the "Product (Qty)" option under the "Manage" tab. There they can view the products in their current subscription, and delete the older product.

    Add to Existing Subscription 


  • Line item properties are not compatible with the Build A Box "Select Choices" page.
  • Paid Options are not compatible with Build A Box or prepaid subscriptions.
  • You're not able to use the "Add Products" admin option to add a customized product to a customer's subscription. The subscriber will have to initiate this themselves through the "Add to Existing Subscription" feature. 
  • You can't edit or add line item properties to an existing subscription product mid-subscription by the Shopify admin.
  • If you offer a Subscription Group discount on a Shopify product that has paid options available on it, the paid options will be discounted as well. 
  • Our Bold Subscriptions Product Swap feature is not compatible with line properties. Disabling this feature is recommended when offering mainly customized products.
  • Priced Options (Create Priced Options with Product Options), are only compatible with Subscriptions' "Add to Existing Subscription" feature when using Product Options 2.0.
  • Our import process when migrating into Subscriptions does not support the importing of line item properties.

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