Loyalty Points - Version 1.2.0 - Release Notes : Points for Shipping / Share to Earn Points

This has been a huge feature that customers have been looking for.

With our new release, we've implemented how to cover your shipping costs and how a customer can earn points when sharing on social media! (Specifically Twitter and Facebook.)


How shipping is now handled through Loyalty Points:

In your Program Settings > Additional Settings you will notice a new checkbox.

YUP! Our team has implemented a shipping calculator, but instead of paying with cash, customers pay with their points.



What does it look like on the front end?

Once a customer clicks our "Buy with Rewards" button the modal pops up and the it calculates based on what their shipping method is in their Shopify account.





Share to earn points:

We've been listening to your requests! We now have "share to earn points." :)


As a store owner, you choose where customers are able to share, how many times they're able to share and how many points they'll earn when they share!

Pretty cool, right? Well, let's take a look. ;-)

Under the Bonus Points page, you will notice a new tab called "Social Bonuses". This is where you will be able to configure your social bonuses. 


You can choose if you want customers to earn points for both Twitter and Facebook, only one of those, or neither!

Simply check the box you want to enable. :-)

It even gives you a preview! 

If you enable both, it'll look something like this.

Just like the message above, you can change the wording in the display settings. 

How to add the widgets and where?

Click here to see the article that explains where you can implement the social sharing widgets.


What do you see as a customer when sharing?

What it looks like for Facebook:


What it looks like for Twitter:



We're really excited about the new social sharing feature! We hope you are as well. :-)






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