Customers and Their Accounts FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions regarding customers and their accounts. Select the question to view the answer:

Generally, there are two ways that a customer can get an account in your store.

Option 1 - When a customer completes a purchase they get asked: "Would you like to create an account" and if they select "Yes, create my account" an account will be created for them.

Option 2 - You can invite customers that have previously purchased by going into the Customers section in Shopify admin. Find the customer and select Invite. If a customer has never made a purchase, you can also manually create a user account for them.

This app works for both new and existing customers. If you create a customer group called "Gold" you can go to Shopify admin and bulk tag existing customers that have spent a certain amount to "Gold".

Going forward you can use the apps auto-tagging feature to have it done automatically.

Yes, you can create customers and apply specific tags so they'll get the appropriate discount when they log in.

A customer will need to log into their customer account before checkout to be eligible for their special pricing.

The customer won't have access to any customer-specific pricing, but their purchases will be tracked, this will be relevant if you've set up auto-tagging rules based on historical purchases.