Recurring Orders - Version 1.9.0 - Release Notes - August 23 - 2016

We've got another exciting Recurring Orders release for you, with a great new bulk discount code feature and tons of app improvements.

This release is already live in your store and requires no additional download or update.

  • Added our long-awaited Bulk Discount Code Creation feature. Allows you to create up to 5000 discount codes at once, manage them easily, and export them to CSV. This provides tons of options for using other promotional services and hosting large discount code campaigns. Visit Create Bulk Discount Codes to learn more.
  • Completed a major overhaul to our recurring checkout, as it was requiring State/Province for Countries that do not have an actual State/Province. Some of the countries in question were Denmark, Singapore, UK, etc. Our checkout will now only ask for State/Province when the country requires it. Modeling it strictly after Shopify's checkout requirements.
  • Added SagePay UK as a payment gateway. For use for UK and Ireland based Shopify users.
  • Improved the layout and structure of the "Discount Code" tab in the app. You can now easily see how many orders a discount code will apply to (in a row) when applied to a customer's subscription.
  • Added the ability for a customer to change both "Shipping Name" and "Billing Address" from the "Manage Subscription" page. Previously only the shop admin could do this.
  • Added additional text to the "Update Product Pricing" page to indicate pricing functionality and limitations. Visit Update Product Pricing Feature in Recurring Orders to learn more.
  • Improved the "Customer Has Cancelled" email that automatically sends to clients when they've had a subscription canceled, to provide more thorough details for the Shopify admin.
    • Email will now include the customer's first and last name, customer email, Shopify URL, and "Cancellation Reason" if provided and applicable.
    • It will contain the products in their subscription prior to canceling.
    • Visit Cancellation Management in Recurring Orders to learn more.
  • Store names in foreign characters were not translating properly on the checkout page. Added an area in Settings -> General -> Shop Name Override, for stores to change their store title.
  • Fixed bug that caused future scheduled discount codes to become disabled upon schedule date.
  • Fixed a bug with only 1 order in length, prepaid subscription.
  • Fixed a bug when Virgin Islands was chosen as the shipping address.
  • Fixed the "Customer Export" feature to open properly in multiple email programs.
  • Adjusted the description text for the "Manage Subscription Order" email, as it was the wrong description for the email.
  • Fixed an issue when tax was not being attached properly on products added via the "Add to Existing Subscription" feature.

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