Update Order Notes Left on a Recurring Order


There are a few ways a customer might leave an order note on their recurring order, and by default, this exact note will display on all future recurring orders.

You can read more about Shopify's cart page order note feature here. This feature is standard in many Shopify themes, but not all. 

While there are many unique uses of Shopify's order notes feature, there may come a time where you, as a Shopify admin, need to adjust that order note to say something different. 

Currently we do not allow customers to change their order notes. This can only be done from inside the Recurring Orders app admin.


Where to find this

Open the app admin, and click on the 'Customers' tab in the top navigation. 

You can then search for the subscriber by email address or name. When you've found the correct subscriber, you'll want to click 'Edit'.

Click on 'Order Notes', and adjust it to contain whatever text you'd like!

Once you click 'Update', the changes you've made will now display in their next generated Shopify order.


Where you can see this in Shopify

To view these notes, you'd have to find the subscriber's order in your Shopify 'Orders' area.

The order notes would be displayed in the Shopify order details, seen in the image below.




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