Create a Bundle Using Groups


Pro Tip

Bundles offers three different methods for discounting your products.

When you set up Bold Bundles using groups, products from the store are selected and discounted.

To set up a bundle using groups, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Product Bundles.

    Select Product Bundles

  3. Select Product Bundles again.

    Select Product Bundles

  4. Select Create New.

    select create new

  5. Select Group.

    Note: If you are using Product Bundles V2, you will see a third option here, Buy/Get.


  6. Select Add Products.

    Add Products

  7. Select the products you would like to include in the bundle.

    Select Products

  8. Select Save Selection.

    Save Selection

  9. Either Set percentage discount (optional) or ... 

    Set Percentage Discount

  10. Set fixed bundle price (optional).

    Note: If your group contains a product with differently priced variants, you will not be able to set a fixed bundle price. You will have to use a percentage discount.

    Set Fixed Bundle Price

  11. Select Override Cent Values (optional).

    Note: This setting is used to ensure your bundle price always ends in a specific number (i.e. .99, .95, etc.).

    Override Cent Value

  12. Select Recalculate bundle price when changes to the product prices are made (optional).


  13. Enter a Title.

    Widget Title

  14. Select a Style.

    Widget Style

  15. Edit the Internal Name if needed.

    Internal Name

  16. Select Save Bundle.

    Save Bundle

That's it! The app will take some time to go through the selected products and the bundle widgets for each of them. At that point, they'll be available on the storefront. It's a good idea at that point to go to the storefront and test the bundle's functionality to ensure that everything is working.

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