Reports Feature in Bold Subscriptions


When you need to get more information about your customers and their subscriptions, our Bold Subscriptions reporting feature is available. We provide a wealth of information, which can easily be filtered in your software of choice (Excel, Numbers, etc.).

Select Reports/Reporting & Analytics

Visit Generate Bold Subscriptions Reports for detailed instructions. 

Here are all the available reports that you can export:

  • Customers by Discount Code
  • Customer Activity (specific date range option)
  • Prepaid Customers
  • Transactions Report (contains Shopify Order # and Payment Gateway TX ID)
  • Failing Transactions
  • Canceled Subscriptions (specific date range option)
  • Customers by Product(s) (All Subscribers, Active, and Inactive)
  • Upcoming Orders (specific date range options)
  • Future Products


Once you've configured your customized report, select "Generate Report", and a CSV file that you can open in the appropriate program will download to your desktop.

Download CSV File

Take advantage of our "Customer Activity" report. You can make it specific to a date range, and see the particular activity your subscribers have been initiating.

Did they swap a product? Delete a product? Maybe they tried to cancel, and you want to know the reason they left? All of these options are available with a few selections.

Customer Activity Report

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