Recurring Orders - Version 1.9.5 - Release Notes - October 11 - 2016

Recurring Orders Version 1.9.5 was launched on October 11, 2016. The changes are outlined here.

You can now use Product Options and Recurring Orders to successfully sell recurring gifts and prepaid subscriptions, the line properties attached to the Product Options gift/prepaid product will display in the Shopify order summary. Previously all gift and prepaid subscriptions behaved identical to Single Product Mode (which is currently not compatible with Product Options), and Product Options line properties were not passed through to the order in Shopify when it generated. This has been fixed.

Now if changes are made to a product's vendor or SKU information, this will be updated in our product validation batch so the product information will be updated, or the products will register in the "Manage Deleted Products" feature of Recurring Orders.

We now log all product deletions, "Add to Existing Subscription" product additions, and changes made to next order date in the "Customer Log" feature of the app. These changes can now be viewed when editing a customer's subscription.

We now validate customer email addresses in the recurring checkout, prior to attempting a charge on the payment gateway. This will cut down on attempted (failed) purchases needing to be automatically refunded to the gateway if Shopify rejects the order.

Subscribers can now fully delete a product from their subscription. If they'd like to leave the product, to easily add more quantity of it in the future, they can also alternatively set the product quantity to 0, leaving the product displaying, but will not populate in their order.

Some line properties, used by Recurring Orders, were displaying incorrectly in Shopify order details, and in order confirmation emails. This has been adjusted and improved upon.

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