Allow Subscribers to Change Their Next Order Date in Bold Subscriptions


You can allow your subscribers to change their next order date in Bold Subscriptions. Having this feature enabled will give your subscribers full control over how often they receive their order, or if they would like their upcoming orders to land on a specific day of the week or month.

Once it is enabled, your subscribers will be able to sign in to the "Manage Subscription" page and choose a date for their next order.

To enable this feature, visit Enable Next Order Date Changes by Subscribers.

  1. From the "Shopify storefront", select Log in.
  2. Enter Email.
  3. Enter Password.
  4. Select Sign In.
  5. Select Manage Subscription.


  6. Select Change Date.


  7. Select the Calendar.


  8. Select a New Date.

    Note: In the date selector, the arrows in the top right and left corners will change the month.


  9. Select Save Changes.


That's it!

This allows a customer to change their next order date, which will also adjust all upcoming orders at the same time.


If a customer has a frequency of "Every 1 Week", and they move their next upcoming order to a Tuesday, their future orders will all fall on a Tuesday.

If a customer has a frequency of "Every 1 Month", and they move their next upcoming order to the 10th of the month, their future orders will all fall on the 10th of the month.

You may have your own reasons for not enabling this feature, depending on the type of business model you are using Bold Subscriptions to manage.

If you are using the app for payments, rather than selling physical products, you will want to leave this disabled.

If you have your subscription products set to charge on a specific day of the month, with a fixed order interval of "Every 1 Month", you will not want to enable this feature.

These fixed date settings are found when creating and customizing your "Subscription Groups", under  "Subscriptions" in Bold Subscriptions.

Step 3 Select Intervals

If you do have a fixed "same day every month" setting, and you enable this feature, it will allow customers to schedule orders outside of this set order schedule.

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