Collect Email Addresses with Recurring Orders

During the recurring checkout process, customers have the option of opting in to receive email updates and promotional content from your Shopify store.

Customers who choose to receive emails will be added to the Accepts Marketing customer group in Shopify, and you can email them with store updates, newsletters, discounts, etc.


Prompting subscribers to accept marketing

This setting can be found in the Recurring Orders app admin, under Settings > General.

You have three options to choose from:

1. Disable and hide this field

Customer emails are not collected and customers cannot agree to receive updates from your store. The option will not display at all in the recurring checkout.

2. Customer agrees to receive promotional emails by default

Customers emails are collected and customers will automatically receive updates from your shop. This means the option will be checked automatically, though they can un-check it.

3. Customer does not agree to receive promotional emails by default

Customers emails are not collected and customers will not automatically receive updates from your shop. This means the option will be not checked automatically and they will have to actively check the box.


Where does this information go in Shopify?

If a customer chooses to check off the box, they will be added into the Shopify customer group called 'Accepts Marketing'. This is found in Shopify under 'Customers'.

You can then use the 'Accepts Marketing' filter to see all subscribers who opted into marketing.

Shopify allows you to export this list from this area as well, which can be integrated into services like MailChimp. 

You can read more about this Shopify feature here.


Translation or customizing the wording

Do you need to translate this text or make it say something else entirely? Easy.

In the Recurring Orders admin, navigate to Settings > Language. From inside Language Settings, navigate to 'Wording for the Checkout'.

Remove the default text, and replace it with whatever is suitable! Make sure to 'Save' your changes.

After a customer enters their shipping address successfully, they will then see the option display, which you can see below. 


Common Questions


Does Recurring Orders integrate with MailChimp?


MailChimp and Recurring Orders are compatible. 

However, we do not integrate directly with MailChimp. Recurring Orders directly integrates with Shopify's Customer database, and MailChimp then integrates with Shopify.

If a subscriber agrees to 'Accept Marketing' during their checkout process, the customer will be added to 'Accepts Marketing' list in Shopify. You can then export these Shopify customers in a CSV file, and import them into MailChimp. 

Or connect MailChimp for Shopify - which will automate this process for you!


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