Create a Custom Recurring Orders Checkout Message

If you'd like to add any additional text in the recurring checkout (such as information or links), we've given you a special area to do so!


Where To Find This Setting

In the Recurring Orders admin, navigate to Settings > Display.

Then click on 'Check Out Page'.



What can I use this for?

There may be certain legal information that is necessary for you to provide in the Shopify checkout process, which also needs to be provided in the recurring checkout process.

You can also use this to link to a 'Terms and Conditions' page, if you'd like customers to have access to it before they actually checkout successfully.


You could insert: "Clicking 'Place My Order' means you've read through our Terms and Conditions."


Where will this show in the recurring checkout?

Once a customer types in their shipping address, and clicks on 'Continue', your message will display, right above the 'Place My Order' button.


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