Step 2: Set up Your Discount Codes for ReferralCandy

Discount Codes

Shopify's discount codes won't apply in our Recurring Orders checkout, so this means discount codes need to be created in Recurring Orders as well. This is why we have a full discount code feature, with robust settings that apply uniquely to subscriptions!

Our integration requires you to create single-use discount codes in bulk for your Advocates, which is easy with our Bulk Discount Code feature!

You can choose to reward your Advocates in cash or with a discount code. If you choose a cash payment, this is automated entirely by ReferralCandy. Our app will allow this style of cash reward system to be tracked successfully once your account is connected.

It is important to create your single-use discount codes correctly, and this guide will show you exactly how to create them! :-) 

Setting up your discount codes 

For our integration, we advise using strictly single-use codes for your Advocates, and multi-use codes for your Advocates' friends. 


If you're unfamiliar with how to create Discount Codes using Recurring Orders, these articles will be helpful to checkout first:

Creating Discount Codes with Recurring Orders

Creating Bulk Discount Codes


Creating single-use discount codes for your Advocates

When an Advocate earns a reward, they will be emailed a discount code. You'll want to set up these codes to only apply to one recurring order after being applied. Their reward shouldn't go on forever! ;)

We also want your Advocates to be able to earn multiple rewards, which is why we have to create single-use discount codes in bulk. They will receive a different code for every reward they earn.

The below image will show you what to select to set up your bulk single-use discount codes for your Advocates. 

Click on the image to enlarge it in another window.



Luckily, our Bulk Discount Code feature has an export option, once the group is created!

Once you've created your group, find it on the Discount Codes page. Click on 'View List', and find the 'Export This List to CSV' button.



This will download a file containing all of the discount codes, right onto your desktop.

Copy the 'Discount Code' column in your applicable software (Numbers, Excel, etc.), and paste them into the appropriate place inside the ReferralCandy app!

This should be found under Configure > Referral Reward.



Creating multi-use discount codes for your Advocates' friends

When your Advocates refer their friends to their unique referral link, the friends will be given a discount code to apply on their recurring order! This needs to be created as a multi-use code. It also should be created to only apply to their first recurring order, otherwise you'll be discounting their orders forever!

If you also want the referred friend to only be able to use this code one time, you'll want to check out the image below for the available options.

Click on the image to enlarge it in another window.



If you're wondering why you can't create single-use discounts for your Advocates' friends, you should check out this article written by ReferralCandy.

Make sure to enter this multi-use code in ReferralCandy under Configure > Friend Offer.




Enable 'Customers Can Change Their Discount Codes' Setting

With our ReferralCandy integration, we do not automatically apply discount codes when they are earned. 

If an Advocate already has an active subscription, they will most likely want to apply their reward discount code to their upcoming recurring orders! Advocates will be emailed these codes by ReferralCandy when they've earned your Reward. 

For this, you need to make sure you enable the 'Customers Can Change Their Discount Codes' setting.

This is found in Recurring Orders under Settings > General

You can read more about this feature here. 


You're all set!  If you have any questions, please reach out to our dedicated support team at

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