Recurring Orders - Version 1.9.8 - Release Notes - November 7 - 2016

Our latest Recurring Orders release focused on launching a new reporting feature, which allows you to look deeper into your subscription business, and export the data you need to get a deeper insight into your subscribers. Visit Generate Reports in Recurring Orders for more details.

We also released our first formal integration with an affiliate program, ReferralCandy. Using ReferralCandy with Recurring Orders is another unique way to grow your subscriber base and bring in new recurring revenue while rewarding your loyal customers.

The new reporting feature, found under the new "Reports" tab allows you to export your upcoming orders, failing transactions, specific subscriber data, and even the actions made by your subscribers when managing their subscriptions.

Integration with ReferralCandy, supporting both cash rewards and discount code rewards! This will allow your ReferralCandy Advocates to earn Rewards when their friends make purchases through our recurring checkout. This is found under Settings -> Integrations. Setting up Recurring Orders with your ReferralCandy account is an easy two step process. Visit Step 1: Connect ReferralCandy to Recurring Orders to learn how.

For our ReferralCandy integration, we had to create a way for active subscribers to apply discount codes to their own subscription, without your help. You can now enable a setting that allows a subscriber to apply a discount code to their subscription, from inside the "Manage Subscription" page. This setting is found under Settings -> General.

When editing a subscription, you can now easily confirm whether it is a prepaid subscription or not. It will also indicate how many prepaid orders they have left, and whether their subscription will renew or expire at the end.

We've removed the "Ship Now" option from the app entirely. If a subscriber needs to change their next order date for any reason, you will need to enable this. Visit Allow Subscribers to Change Their Next Order Date in Recurring Orders to learn how.

We now allow you to disable a discount code, or delete it entirely. A new warning message will display when you delete the code, warning you it now will remove the discount code from all subscriptions that have it applied.

We will no longer display the "Product Swap" button for stores operating in Recurring Cart mode. This feature is not compatible with Recurring Cart mode, so this will help with any customer confusion, as they will no longer see it displayed on the "Manage Subscription" page.

"Order #" seen on the "Thank You Page", is now translatable, and found in the Settings -> Language area of the app.

We made improvements to the Stats page analytics, as well as the "Customer Export" feature.

When viewing "Inactive Subscribers" under the Customers tab, you can now sort by date by clicking on the date.

Removed "Default Title" from sometimes displaying on the "Manage Subscription" page.

When customers change their order interval, we now display their next order date during the process - which will make it more clear that changing their order interval does not affect their next upcoming order date.

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