Create a Discount with Product Discount

  1. In the Product Discount app, click Current Discounts.
  2. Click Create Discount.
  3. Give your discount a name. This name only shows internally in the app. Give it a name that makes sense to you, such as the type of offer (10% off cameras, for example)
  4. DATE RANGE - Choose a start and end date and time. The time is in 24 hour format, and is in your store time zone. To have the sale start on Friday and end on Monday, set the starting date as November 25, and end date as November 28. (Depending on the number of products selected, it may take a few hours for all the products to appear on sale, so you may want to adjust the dates/times accordingly. )
  5. CENTS - If you want your prices to end in a certain value (.99, .00, etc) enter that number in the Cents field. If you will accept the calculated discount, uncheck this box.
  6. DISCOUNT - Enter the discount value, and select from the dropdown if this is a percent discount (%) or a price discount ($). Select the products to put on sale. You can choose from a collection, vendor, type, or hand pick the products.
  7. DISCOUNT TAG - (Optional) When the products go on sale, you can have a tag added to the products automatically. When the sale ends, the tag is removed. This is helpful if you create a collection in your store to bring attention to the sale products.
  8. DUPLICATE & HIDE - Unless you have the Product Upsell (which is another awesome app!) you can leave this one alone.
  9. Click Create to save the offer. You will go to the Current Offers page again and the offer you just created would appear here.
  10. The discount offer will appear as OFF. This is normal! You set a start and end date, so the sale will automatically start (turn on) and end (turn off) on it's own. If you change the sale to ON, the sale will start immediately.

    For testing, turn the discount offer on by clicking on the Off switch.  A message will ask to confirm you want to start the discount offer now.  Click OK.

    Depending on the number of products selected, it can take a few minutes or several hours to apply the discount to all product.  

  11. Go to your store website and find one of the products on sale.  You should see the product price reduced.  If you have the codes added to your theme, the sale icons and countdown timer will also appear.


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