Limit the Number of Upsell Items Someone Can Add to the Cart

If you would like to limit the number of upsell items that can be added to the cart, you have two options. You can limit the number of products that can be added to the cart to one and/or add a limit disclaimer to the offer. To do either or both, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.
  2. Select Product Upsell.
  3. Select Current Offers.

    select current offers 

  4. Select Edit next to the offer you would like to edit.

    Note: If you have not yet created an upsell offer, visit Create an Upsell Offer to learn how.

    select edit 

  5. Scroll down to "Advanced Options".

    scroll down to advanced options 

  6. Select or Deselect the required checkbox(es).
    • Select Allow the customer to select more than one offered product.
    • Select Limit quantity on offered products and enter a number in "Limit".

    select advanced options 

  7. Select Update Upsell Offer.

    Select Update Upsell Offer 

That's it!

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