Prepaid and Gift Subscriptions in Recurring Orders

Why offer prepaid subscriptions?

Recurring Orders provides a unique way for your subscribers to prepay for a set number of orders up front. We give you an easy way to keep track of these prepaid orders, by generating orders in Shopify for you to fulfill and ship. The only difference is they've already been paid for!

There are tons of reasons why a customer might want to prepay for a subscription! Often, prepaid subscriptions are offered at tiered discounts - giving the subscriber an incentive to prepay for a longer period of time. They also don't have to worry about payment disruptions that could potentially delay their order from getting to them.

And even better than buying one for yourself is giving one as a gift! What better way to treat the special people in your life than gifting them a prepaid subscription. Instead of just one gift, they'll receive product on a recurring basis to their own front door. Which we can all admit, is awesome! Prepaid gift subscriptions are a must have for the holiday season!



Where do I set this up?

Setting up your prepaid and gift subscription options all happens in your 'Subscriptions' tab.

You can either create a brand new subscription group, or edit one of your current ones to add in this addition.


Instead of choosing 'No limit', which is used for non expiring subscriptions, you would choose 'Set max numbers of recurring orders to'. 

You can insert as many order lengths as you like, and optionally offer a % based discount to each length.


How do the orders work?

A customer will be given the option to prepay when viewing the subscription product. Below is an example of how this would look on your Shopify product page.

If the customer chooses to prepay, they will be brought directly to our recurring checkout to purchase. The Shopify cart can not be involved in a prepaid or gift purchase. 

It will take the cost of the product, any applicable shipping charges, and times it by the number of orders they choose along with any applicable taxes. 

You can see an example of the calculation in the below image.  


Following their successful purchase, you'll see an order generate in Shopify with the full cost of the order.



Viewing the prepaid subscriber in Recurring Orders

You can easily tell who is a prepaid subscriber in Recurring Orders. When viewing or editing a customer's subscription,you can see this clearly indicated in the 'Prepaid' column.

You can click on this tool tip and it will tell you how many orders they've had so far - and how many orders they have prepaid for in total.  It will also indicate whether the subscription will renew or expire at the end, which is controlled by your subscription group settings. 

All of these options can be adjusted - though you should adjust these settings with caution. If you add additional orders to a prepaid subscription and it is auto-renewing, this may increase the cost and length of their next prepaid renewal.


Best practice for gift subscriptions

If you enable the prepaid gift subscription option, it will be a small checkbox the subscriber can select when on the product page. 


This is how it might look on the product page as an option:


They can then type in the giftee's shipping address and process the order.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I export all of my prepaid/gift subscribers?

Yes! Using our Recurring Orders Reports feature, you can generate a prepaid specific export in CSV format. This can be great for emailing your expired prepaid subscribers, and providing them with unique promotional content. 

Can the purchasers attach a gift message to a gift subscription?

No, not at this time.

BUT, we have a fantastic app called Product Options that can be paired with Recurring Orders to leave unique gift information fields on your gifted product! These fields would then display when the order generates in Shopify! Contact our support team to learn more about this unique combination. 

What Shopify account will be attached to a gift subscription?

We associate a Shopify account based on the email typed in during checkout. Typically, the subscription would be under the Shopify account of the person who purchased the item. 

Can a prepaid subscriber still swap the product in their subscription?

If you enable this feature, YES! If they swap for a more expensive product, Recurring Orders will bill them immediately for the difference through a Shopify order. If they swap to a lower priced item, they will not be refunded back any value. You can read more about the Product Swap feature here

Can a customer check out with more than one prepaid item at a time, or with other items in their cart?

No. Prepaid and gift subscription behave like our 'Single Product Mode,' and will always skip the Shopify cart and go straight to the checkout - with one only product in tow. 

Can Recurring Orders accept Shopify gift cards?

No, our recurring checkout cannot accept Shopify gift cards.


Have something a bit more unique on the brain? We have small customization we can put in place if you want a product to be prepaid only, or gift only! Just reach out to us and tell us what you have in mind. :) 





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