What is Ajax?

Aiax, or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a technology used by some Shopify themes to make updates to data without loading a new page. It's often used to make modifications to the contents of the customer's shopping cart without changing the page, usually to display a pop-up or slider cart. 

Apps can have difficulty integrating because there isn't a standard design used by each theme developer for these features, we can't offer a one-size-fits-all solution that ensures apps will work with every one of these themes. Some app features may be unavailable for themes that use Ajax.

How to tell if your theme uses Ajax

This list does not contain all features that represent Ajax functionality on Shopify themes. However, themes that include one (or more) of these may use Ajax and require additional code work/integration.

  • "Pop-up" or "Modal" style carts
  • "Drawer" or "Slide-out" carts
  • "Mini" carts
  • Adding a product to the cart and not being brought directly to the cart page

A good test to determine if your theme uses Ajax is to navigate to a product page and select the "Add to cart" button. If you do not go to a dedicated Shopify cart page (with a URL that ends in /cart), your theme is likely using Ajax.

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