Create a Membership Plan in Bold Memberships

Pro Tip

The purpose of Bold Memberships is to allow access to content on your store website, or for offline services. If you sell physical products on a subscription, Bold Subscriptions is a better solution. 


Bold Memberships allows you to create different types of memberships for your customers to sign up for. Memberships can range from exclusive access to content on your website, certain products, discounts, or more.

Note: In order for customers to purchase one of your Membership plans, you'll first need to connect your Stripe account. If your memberships are free, you can skip this.

To create a membership plan in Bold Memberships, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Recurring Memberships.
  3. Select Plans.

    From the top navigation bar, select Plans

  4. Select Create New Plan.

    In the top-right corner, select Create New Plan

  5. Enter a Plan Name.

    Note: This is what customers will see. If you plan to have different plan tiers, make sure to differentiate the titles! (i.e. Bootcamp for Beginners, Intermediate Bootcamp, etc.).

    In Step 1, enter your plan name in the first textbox

  6. Enter a Plan Tag.

    Note: This is the tag that will be put on the customer's account, allowing you to easily show/hide certain things to those customers.

    To the right of the Plan Name, enter in a Plan Tag if you want the plan to add a customer tag to individuals on it

  7. Enter a Plan Description.

    Underneath, enter in a Plan Description to inform customers about your membership

  8. Select Edit Access Denied Message to change the text (optional).

    Below that, click the Edit Access Denied Message button. A pop-up will appear where you can edit the text

  9. Select Enable Trial? (optional).

    Below that, select the Enable Trial checkbox

  10. Enter the Trial Length (optional).

    Enter the trial length in the textbox underanth (in days)

  11. Select Enable Email Verification?.

    Note: Enabling this option will force the customer to verify their email address when they go to sign up.

    Select the Enable Email Verification checkbox

  12. Enter Cycle Pricing to set the fee for this plan.

    Note: This is how much your customers will pay for this membership upon each billing cycle.

    Enter the membership price details. First, the cycle pricing (in dollars) which will determine how much a customer pays

  13. Select a Billing Cycle.

     To the right of the cycle pricing is a dropdown for the billing cycle (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly)

  14. Enter How many payments.

    Note: Deselect "Forever" and enter a number in the box to the left of it to limit the number of payments to a specific number. Leave "Forever" selected to have the payments continue until the subscriber cancels.

    On the same line, to the right of the billing cycle, you can enter in how many payments a customer will make for the plan

  15. Select the Checkmark to add this billing option.

    If you want payments to continue forever, select the Forever checkbox to the right of the number of payments text box

  16. Select Add Billing Option to add another option (optional).

    Underneath the billing details, select Add Billing Option to add this as a payment option

  17. Repeat Steps 12 - 16 until you have added all billing options.

    repeat steps 12 - 16

  18. Select Add Registration Field to collect additional information from your subscribers.

    Note: First name, last name, and email address will automatically appear, so they don't need to be added with registration fields. You won't be able to adjust these fields, however you can re-order your created fields.

    Within the Step 3 section, select Add Registration Field. A horizontal line of options will be displayed where you can add information for a registration field. Enter the name (example: Age), check whether or not it will be reuqired, and choose how the information will be filled out (text field or multi-line text area

  19. Select Add Rule to add rules to the plan (optional).

    Note: This can be used to show specific products, collections, etc. to these members only. The plan rules are set from the perspective of a member. This means that if you want to hide content from non-members, you'll create a "Show" rule for the respective content.

    Within the Step 4 section, select Add Rule to either show or hide a number of different things on your store such as products, pages, and more, or show a different Liquid template, to customers who are part of your membership plan

  20. Select Save

    Note: You can test your plan rules by inviting yourself to a free membership plan.


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