Create Membership Plan

Do you sell physical products?

Memberships are best used to allow access to content on your store website, or for offline services.
If you sell physical products on a subscription, our Recurring Orders app may be a better solution.

Connect your payment gateway

Before you can start accepting payments from your customers, or members, you need to connect your Memberships app to either Stripe or Paypal (or both!).

If your Memberships are free of charge, you can skip this step.

Create New Plan

From the Memberships app, click on the Create New Plan button.

Step 1: Plan Details

In the first step, we will create a name for the membership plan.  The Plan Name will show within the Memberships app, to quickly find the plan should you need to review the plan details.  The plan name will also show in the button and widgets created by the app.  We'll cover those buttons and widgets later.

The Plan Tag is the tag that is automatically added to the customer's account in Shopify.  When your member logs in to the store website, the customer tag controls what content is visible or hidden to them. This access is setup in the plan rules below. Plan tags must be at least 3 characters long.

The tag also works in other Bold apps, such as Customer Pricing!  

When your customers purchase the membership, you may choose to briefly describe the details of the plan.  Here in the Plan Description is where you can do that.  

  • Edit Access Denied Message allows you to set custom text that will be displayed when a user attempts to access something for which they do not have permission.
  • Enable trial and Trial Length configures a period after the customer activates their membership during which they will not be charged.

Step 2: Billing Options

Here you will select the price for your membership. You can have different pricing, and cycle options available as well.

The membership pricing is the same as your Shopify settings.  If your store currency is US Dollars, your membership pricing will also be in US Dollars.

Choose the frequency of when the membership fee is charged.  You can choose from:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly (every 3 months), or
  • Yearly

Choose how many payments to charge.  Payments can be charged every period until the membership is cancelled, or payments will stop after a certain number of payments have been made.  An example of this is a payment plan.  A member pays 12 monthly payments of $10.  After the 12 months, their membership stays active with no further charges.

You may create multiple billing options.  Click the Add Billing Option button to add more than one option. You may choose to have a membership fee that can be paid monthly, quarterly and yearly. Don't forget to click the checkmark button to save each billing option.

* Note that if you are setting up a subscription box you can only use one billing option.

Step 3: Registration Fields

(Optional) Need to collect additional information from your members when they sign up? Registration Fields are text input fields where they can fill in these details when they purchase the membership. First name, last name and email address will automatically appear, so these do not need to be added with these registration fields.

Step 4: Create Plan Rules

(Optional) Aren't rules meant to be broken? Not these ones! This is where you'll setup what access you want members/non-members to have. There's a number of different options here so take a look through them and see what you need.

With an active membership, you can show or hide different things.  You may want members to only see a product, a price or a blog article. Here is where you can create these rules.

If something is set to show, then it will be automatically hidden for anyone who is not a member. 

Step 5: Subscription Box

(Optional) If you want to have a subscription box service, this is where you'd set that up!

If using the subscription box option, you can only have one payment interval as set in the Billing Options step above. If your billing is set as monthly, the subscription box frequency can be semi-monthly or monthly.

Choose the day of the month the subscription box order should be created.  For semimonthly frequency, choose two days (1 & 15).  For weekly, choose the day of the week.

Select the countries you ship to. These countries are setup in your Shopify store settings, under Shipping.

The subscription box will generate an order in your shopify orders. 

Once you've got all of that setup, go ahead and hit that Save button!

High Five! You just created your membership plan and got it setup on a page!.

What's next?

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