Create a Membership Plan in Recurring Memberships

Note: The purpose of Recurring Memberships is to allow access to content on your store website, or for offline services. If you sell physical products on a subscription, Recurring Orders may be a better solution.

To create a membership plan in Recurring Memberships, follow these steps:

  1. Connect Your Stripe or PayPal Account.

    Note: If your memberships are free, you can skip this step. 

  2. Select Plans.

    Select Plans 

  3. Select Create New Plan.

    Select Create New Plan 

  4. Enter a Plan Name.

    enter a plan name 

  5. Enter a Plan Tag.

    enter a plan tag 

  6. Enter a Plan Description.

    enter a plan description 

  7. Select Edit Access Denied Message to change the text (optional).

    Select Edit Access Denied Message 

  8. Select Enable Trial? and enter a number of Days to enable a free trial (optional).

    select enable trial 

  9. Enter Cycle Pricing to set the fee for this plan.

    enter cycle pricing 

  10. Select a Billing Cycle.

    select a billing cycle 

  11. Enter How many payments.

    Note: Deselect "Forever" and enter a number in the box to the left of it to limit the number of payments to a specific number. Leave "Forever" selected to have the payments continue until the subscriber cancels.

    enter how many payments 

  12. Select the Checkmark to add this billing option.

    select the checkmark 

  13. Select Add Billing Option to add another option (optional).

     select add billing cycle

  14. Repeat steps 9 - 13 until you have added all billing options.

    repeat steps 9 - 13 

  15. Select Add Registration Field to collect additional information from your subscribers.

    Note: First name, last name and email address will automatically appear, so they don't need to be added with registration fields. 

    select add registration field

  16. Select Add Rule to add rules to the plan (optional).

    Note: This could be used to show specific products, collections, etc. to these members only.

    select add rule 

  17. Select Add Subscription to create a subscription box (optional).

    Note: Visit Create a Subscription Box for detailed setup instructions.

    select add subscription 

  18. Select Save.

    Select save 

That's it!

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