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Here are some tips to help you find what you are looking for within the Help Center. Select the heading to view details.

If you know what app you are looking for help with, select it from the front page and then try your search. This step will limit the search to that app, rather than searching the entire knowledge base.

You will see more relevant search results when using keywords, and general terms instead of full phrases or store/user specific issues. Wrap words in quotation marks "like this" to include everything within the quote as a search term.

Searching for "customer pricing" "manual sync" is a more targeted search than "custom pricing manual sync ran all night, didnt work, im fed jup" (yes, that is an actual search we saw...).

We do our best to have articles with proper spelling. Search terms with correct spelling will help return the most relevant articles.

In November 2016, over 300 searches were for the words "hello", "hi" or some variation with misspelling or punctuation.  We don't really know why.  If you want to say hello, or if there is anything we can do to assist, contact us.

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