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The Discount Code Stacking feature in Custom Pricing allows your customers to enter one or more Shopify discount codes via the cart page. These discounts are applied in addition to Customer Pricing discounts.

Note: This feature is available exclusively for Custom Pricing Accelerated Method (V3).



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When Custom Pricing is used in Accelerated Method (V3), it applies its discounts using the Shopify draft order checkout. By default, the discount code field is not available in Shopify's draft checkout.

The Discount Code Stacking feature in Custom Pricing allows you to let your customers to enter their Shopify discount codes on the cart page. You can allow your customers to enter only one discount code, multiple discount codes, or disable the option altogether. All discount codes applied are added in addition to their Custom Pricing discounts.


Discount code field on the cart page:

Discount Code on Cart Page

When a discount code is applied, the the product updates to reflect the discounted price and the code appears on the page:

Discount Code Applied

If you've allowed multiple discounts to be added, each discount that gets applied appears, and the product price updates to reflect each discount:

Multiple Discount Codes on Cart Page

In the checkout, the discount codes that were applied in the cart appear under the product, and the discount is reflected under the original product price:

Multiple Discounts in Checkout page



Important considerations

  • Discount codes can only be applied in the cart page. They are not applicable in AJAX carts, such as those that slide out or pop-up.
  • Custom Pricing’s Discount Code Stacking feature is currently under development. At this time, only certain Shopify discount code features are supported (shown below).


Supported Shopify discount codes

  • Discount Types:
    • Amount off Products
    • Amount off order
  • Discount Values:
    • Percentage and fixed
    • Applies to: Specific Products
  • Minimum purchase requirements
  • Customer Eligibility:
    • All customer, specific customers
  • Active dates:
    • Start and end dates


Unsupported Shopify discount codes

  • Discount Code Type: Buy X Get Y
  • Discount Code Type: Free shipping
  • Discount Value: Specific collections
  • Discount Value: Purchase type
  • Customer Eligibility: Specific customer segments
  • Countries: Everything under this section
  • Maximum discount uses
  • Purchase Types
  • Shipping Rates
  • Combinations




To enable the Discount Code Stacking feature on your store, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Enable the app embed for your theme

  1. From your Shopify admin, navigate to Online Store >Themes.
  2. Click on the Customize button next to the theme you are using Custom Pricing with.
  3. Click App embeds from the left sidebar.

    Click App embeds

  4. Enable the Bold CSP v3: Codes app embed for your theme by moving the toggle to the right.

    Bold CSP v3 Codes app embed

  5. Click the arrow next to Bold CSP v3: Codes to expand the settings.

    Note: By default, these settings contain information relevant to the Dawn theme.

  6. In the Additional Settings section, adjust the following settings as needed:
    • HTML class in which to add the discount code form - Enter the HTML class to specify where you would like the discount code field to appear in the cart page.
    • Optional: Adjust the label texts:
      • Discount Code input field label
      • Discount code Submit button label
      • Discount code error message
      • Empty discount code message
    • Optional: Add your custom CSS to style the elements of the discount code form:
      • Discount code form container styling (#discountCodeForm)
      • Discount code input field styling (#discountCode)
      • Discount code message styling (#bold-shopify-discount-code-message)
      • Error message styling (#bold-shopify-discount-code-error)
      • Applied code container styling (.appliedDiscountCodeContainerCss)
      • Applied discount code icon styling (.appliedDiscountCodeIconStyle)
      • Applied code remove icon styling (.appliedDiscountCodeRemoveIconStyle)
  7. Click Save.

Step 2: Enable Discount Code Stacking in the Custom Pricing admin

  1. From within Custom Pricing, navigate to Settings > General.
  2. In the Discount Code Stacking section, choose one of the following settings:

    Discount Code Stacking settings.png

    • OFF - Shopify discount codes cannot be added on the cart page.
    • ON (Stackable) - Allow multiple Shopify discount codes to be added on the cart page.
    • ON (Only one code) - Allow only one Shopify discount code to be added on the cart page.
  3. Optional: Enter an active discount code to check if it is compatible with this integration.

Step 3: Load the changes on your storefront

To ensure that the selection you made in the Discount Code Stacking section applies on your storefront, you must log out and then back into Custom Pricing.

To log out and back into Custom Pricing, please follow the steps below.

  1. From within Custom Pricing, click Logout in the left navigation bar.
  2. Enter your .myshopify URL in the input field, then click Install or Login.

    Pro-Tip: Your default Shopify domain is the address you get when you sign up. To find it, go to Settings > Domains in your Shopify admin. For more information on domains, please visit Domains (links to Shopify).