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Customize your Bold-Hosted Checkout Flow

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By default, your first Bold-hosted checkout flow is created for you. This default flow uses the three-page checkout experience. You can customize the checkout experience at the flow-level in the flow settings.

This article outlines the Bold-hosted checkout flow settings and provides instructions on how to customize your checkout flow.



Bold-Hosted flow settings

Flow information

You can customize the Flow name in the flow information section. This name is internal facing and is used to help you identify your flows.

The Flow ID cannot be changed. This ID appears in your platform on orders processed through Bold Checkout and in the order details page in the Bold Checkout admin.

Flow information



You can customize the number of pages in the checkout experience at the flow-level. You can choose between the three-page checkout experience or the one-page checkout experience.


The three-page checkout divides the checkout experience into the following pages:

  1. Customer Information: This page contains forms for a customer's email address, shipping information, and billing address, as well as the newsletter sign-up checkbox if you have this enabled.
  2. Shipping Method: This is where customers will choose from the shipping options you've made available.
  3. Payment Method: Customers will choose their method of payment and complete their purchase here.

The one-page checkout has all the above information laid out on one page.



Edit your Bold-hosted flow settings

  1. From within Bold Checkout, navigate to the Flows page.
  2. In the Bold-Hosted checkout flow card, click the ellipsis, and click Edit.


  3. Make your desired changes. Change the Flow name, or select the One page or Three page checkout experience.

    Bold-hosted flow settings

  4. Click Save.