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Subscription notes can be added to your customer’s order from within Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout. This is useful if you need to save important information for your customers, such as alerts or special instructions.

Note: Subscription notes in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout are different from the order notes available in Subscriptions V1, which use Shopify’s cart notes.




When subscription notes are added to your customer’s subscription from inside Bold Subscriptions, that note appears on all future orders for that customer in the Additional details section on the Shopify order details page.


Subscription note on the order details page

Your customers can still add their own notes to their order if you enable the feature on your theme. For more information on how to enable cart notes for your theme, please visit Shopify’s support article.




To add a note to your customer’s subscription, please follow the steps below.

  1. From within Bold Subscriptions, navigate to Customers.
  2. Search for the customer by name or email.
  3. Under Actions, click the ellipsis, and select Manage subscriptions.

    Manage Subscriptions

  4. If more than one subscription exists, click Show details under the subscription you would like to add the note to.
  5. Click Edit under Subscription note, and enter your details.

    Subscription note

  6. Click Save.