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Connect to UPS for Custom Carrier Rates

  • Updated

Beginning June 3, 2024, access keys will no longer be supported for authentication to any UPS APIs. UPS has deprecated access key authentication in favor of an OAuth 2.0 security model. You can read more about this update on the UPS website.

Due to this change, you’ll need to enter the Bold Cashier callback URL in your UPS account in order to connect your custom rates in Bold Cashier.

Alert: This article is for those who are connecting their custom UPS account for the first time. If you have already have an existing UPS custom carrier account connected in Bold Cashier, you must migrate to the new UPS version instead. For step-by-step instructions, please visit our UPS V2 Migration Guide.




Please follow the steps below to connect your UPS account in Bold Cashier.

Step 1: Configure the Callback URL for Bold in your UPS developer account

  1. Log in to your UPS developer account.
  2. Click My Apps in the top right.
  3. Select the relevant app from your My Apps list.
  4. Ensure Rating appears in the Products in Use column. If not, click Add Products, check the Rating card, and click Save to add it.
  5. Click on Edit App.
  6. Add the following Callback URL:
  7. Click Save.

Step 2: Connect to UPS V2 in Bold Cashier

  1. From within the Bold Cashier admin, navigate to Shipping > Custom carriers.
  2. Click Setup custom carrier.
  3. In the Name field, enter a unique name to distinguish your custom rates from the default UPS rates available in Bold Cashier.
  4. Expand the Carrier dropdown menu and select UPS v2.
  5. Enter your Account Number.
  6. Click Connect. This directs you to to the UPS login page.
  7. Enter your login credentials, and check the box to authorize the connection. Once this is done, you are redirected back to Bold Cashier and the custom rate will appear.