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New - Subscription Email Upsells

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Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout integrates with Bold Upsell to allow you to send product offers to your existing subscribers in the Upcoming Order email notification available in Bold Subscriptions.

This article describes how the offer works, outlines some important considerations, and walks you through the setup process, step-by-step.



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Subscription Email offers are sent to existing subscribers who are subscribed to the product you have designated as the trigger product in Upsell.

The offer is sent in the Upcoming Order email notification in Bold Subscriptions. This email is sent out ahead of your customers’ upcoming subscription orders, based on the number of days that you’ve specified in the email settings.


Subscriptions Upcoming Order Email Offer

Customers can accept the offer by clicking the Add to Order button in the email. What happens next depends on whether or not Bold Subscriptions’ passwordless login feature is enabled.

  • If passwordless login is enabled, the link in the email’s Add to Order button authenticates the customer securely and directs them to the offer in the customer portal without the need to enter their login credentials. This link is valid for 15 minutes. After the link expires, customers are directed to the passwordless login page where they can enter their email address to receive a new link.
  • If passwordless login is disabled, customers are directed to the storefront login page where they must enter their login credentials. Once logged in, they are automatically directed to the product offer in the customer portal.

Once in the customer portal, customers can add the offer to their upcoming subscription order either as a one-time purchase or a subscription, depending on how you offer the product on your store.


Adding the offer to your order

Views for this offer are counted as one per month. Each time a customer accepts a Subscription Upcoming Order Email offer, Upsell records this data on the dashboard. Please visit View Upsell's Dashboard Metrics & Reporting for more details on the analytics available in Upsell.




Both Bold Upsell and Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout must be installed on your store. Both apps can be installed through the following links:



Important considerations

  • Subscription Email Upsells work with standard subscriptions only. Offers will not be sent to customers with prepaid subscriptions even if they are subscribed to the trigger product.
  • Only one offer product is shown in the Upcoming Order email. If you have designated multiple offer products, Upsell will select a product offer to display at random. Customers will have the opportunity to view and select the other offers once they add the initial offer to their upcoming order.
  • If the offer product has multiple variants, Upsell will display a variant at random in the email. Customers can select a different variant once in the customer portal.
  • The Upsell offer’s title and description are displayed in the customer portal only.




To create a Subscription Upcoming Order Email offer, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Set up the offer in Upsell

  1. Navigate to Bold Upsell > Manual Offers, and click Create New Offer.
  2. Enter an internal name for your offer.
  3. Click Set a trigger.
  4. Expand the Trigger event dropdown menu, and select Subscription Upcoming Order Email.

    Subscriptions Upcoming Order Email Trigger event

  5. Under Trigger products, select one of the following two options:
    1. Trigger an upsell on specific products - This option allows you to select specific products to act as the trigger product. If this option is selected, proceed to step #6.
    2. Trigger an upsell on every product - This option will set all products on your store as a trigger for the offer. If this option is selected, skip to step #9.
  6. Click Choose Products, and select your products, variants or collection you want to trigger.
  7. Click Save products.
  8. Optional: Enter a Trigger quantity. Note: The quantity restriction takes into account the number of products in a customer's existing subscription. For example, if you enter 2, the customer must be subscribed to a minimum of two of the trigger products in order to see the offer. If they are only subscribed to one, the offer will not be shown.
  9. In the Upsell offer section, select Set an offer.
  10. Enter a Title and Description. Note: This appears only in the customer portal and not in the email itself.
  11. Click Choose Products, and select your products, variants or collection you want to offer.
  12. Click Save products.
  13. Optional: Click Set date range and enter a Start and End date.
  14. Select Save Offer.


Step 2: Set up the Upcoming Order email notification in Bold Subscriptions

  1. From within Bold Subscriptions, navigate to Settings > Email notifications.
  2. Enable the Upcoming Order email by moving the toggle to the right.
  3. Click on the ellipsis, and select Edit email template.

    Edit email template

  4. Click on Merge Fields > Upsell > Product offer to add the [upsell-offer] merge field to the template. Merge field
  5. Place the [upsell-offer] merge field in the area of the email you’d like it to appear. Upsell merge field in body text
  6. Optional: Adjust the number of days this email is sent out before your customers’ upcoming orders.

    Email notification time

  7. Click Save.
  8. Optional: Send a test email.

    Note: The test email won’t contain your actual offer, only an example.