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New - Smart Offers

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Upsell’s Smart Offers feature helps to reduce your workload by fully automating the offer creation process for you. Smart Offers leverage A.I. and your store's historical order data to take the guesswork out of creating the best converting offers.

Alert: Currently, this feature is only available for new stores using Upsell's new price plan structure.

This article describes how Smart Offers work and shows you how to activate and manage Smart Offers on your store.







Using 60 days of historical data on your store and A.I., Upsell identifies your top selling products to curate Smart Offers for your store. Smart Offers are created in a few seconds up to a minute, depending on the number of products on your store.

Smart Offers aim to create offers that account for approximately 30% of the products and sales on your store, however, if you have few products or sales on your store, you may see a higher percentage of offers. For example, if you have 10 products, you may see 10 offers.

In the current version, Smart Offers are created as cross-sells and utilize the Product Page Pop-up trigger location. These offers are updated weekly using your store’s data and Upsell analytics. Low performing offers are replaced to ensure the best performing offers are always active on your store.




Offer customization

Smart Offers are fully customizable. You can edit the offers to add more products, change the trigger location, edit the offer title or description, and more. Smart Offers can be edited in the same way as your Manual Offers.

Review offers

You can review your Smart Offers before going live, or allow them to go live automatically.

Lock-in offers

If you don’t want a particular offer replaced with the weekly Smart Offer batch update, you can lock your offer. This is helpful if you’ve edited a Smart Offer or if you prefer to continue promoting a particular item on your store.

Product exemptions

If there are certain products that you don’t want to see in a Smart Offer, you can manually exclude them from Smart Offer consideration.

Manual Offer compatibility

Smart Offers can be used in addition to Manual Offers. Offers that exist as Manual Offers will not be duplicated as a Smart Offer. The same product may appear as an offer, however, the Smart Offer will use a different trigger product.



Important considerations

  • Offers may not be created if your store has little to no sales data.
  • Currently, only one offer product is suggested per trigger product.
  • All Smart Offers use Upsell’s generic title and description. You can edit each individual Smart Offer to add a custom title and description, or edit the generic title and description for all offers in Settings > Upsell Settings.
  • Hidden products created using the Discounts V1 and Upsell Integration must be manually excluded from Smart Offers.




To enable Smart Offers on your store, please follow the steps below.

  1. From within Upsell, navigate to Smart Offers and click Smart Offer Settings.
  2. Enable Smart Offers by moving the toggle to the right next to Allow Bold to automatically recommend offers.
  3. In the Smart Offers approval method section, select one of the following two options:
    • Automatic activation - This option automatically activates Smart Offers on your storefront as soon as they are created.
    • Review Smart offers - This allows you to review your Smart Offers once they are created. You then have the option to turn on each offer manually.
  4. Optional: In the Excluded products section, click Select Products, and select any products you’d like to exclude from appearing in Smart Offers. 
  5. In the Storefront Password section, enter your storefront password if you have one.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Confirm.

Offers begin to generate once you click Confirm. You can safely navigate away from this page. Once complete, the offers appear on your Smart Offer page.



Smart Offer management

You can view and manage all of your Smart Offers on the Smart Offers page.

Smart Offer page

Each row represents a Smart Offer and provides the following information and functionality:

  • Name - The offer type and the products involved in the offer. This name is internal only.
  • Product - The trigger product.
  • Recommendation - The offer product.
  • Location - The trigger location.
  • Date Created - The date the Smart Offer was created.
  • Actions - Click on the ellipsis to access the following options:
    • Re-try Smart Offer - This allows you to retry the offer for a different result.
    • Lock-in Smart Offer - Offers are unlocked by default. This allows Smart Offers to replace the offer if it’s not performing well when the weekly batch updates. Offers that are locked won’t be replaced. Click the icon to lock it.
    • Edit - This allows you to access the Upsell offer settings. You can edit all aspects of the offer as desired.
    • Report - This provides data for the individual offer. You can see the number of times the offer was added to cart, purchased, and more.
    • Delete - This allows you to delete the offer.
  • Active - Move the toggle to the right to activate the offer. Move the toggle to the left to deactivate the offer.


Bulk management

You can enable, disable, or delete all offers using the bulk action tools. To access these additional tools, click the box next to Name.

Bulk actions

This selects all your Smart Offers across all pages. You can individually check or uncheck offers before applying the bulk action.


Deactivate Smart Offers

You can deactivate Smart Offers completely. Once deactivated, all your existing Smart Offers are deleted. Smart Offers will no longer be generated until you re-enable Smart Offers.

To deactivate Smart Offers completely, please follow the steps below.

  1. From within Upsell, navigate to Smart Offers > Smart Offer Settings.
  2. Disable the Allow Bold to automatically recommend offers setting by moving the toggle to the left.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Confirm.




  • Smart Offers require 60 days worth of historical order data in order to determine the best offers for your store. If you do not have any orders or product inventory, Smart Offers cannot be created. Once your store has the appropriate amount of order data, Smart Offers will generate.