QuickBooks Integration Plans & Pricing


There are four price plans currently available through Bold's Quickbooks Integration app, each possessing their own set of features. This includes our Free, Starter, Growth, and Enterprise plans. These plans currently include a monthly app free which is billed through Shopify, and a export fee on any exports above their plan limits. 



  • Free – Export 30 orders per month.
  • Starter ($19.99/month) – Export 200 orders per month and only $0.15 per order thereafter.
  • Growth ($39.99/month) – Export 500 orders per month and only $0.10 per order thereafter.
  • Enterprise ($59.99/month) – Unlimited exports per month.

All paid tiers include premium features:

  • Sync Inventory and Products from Shopify to QuickBooks Integration.



App Fees

Shopify emails a bill every 30 days to the store owner. The Bold Quickbooks Integration monthly app charges are included on these monthly invoices that are received, and can be viewed anytime within the Billing page in your Shopify admin.

These fees will display differently depending on the plan you have chosen, and the number of exports that you complete.

Each plan has a limit to how many orders can be exported. If your store exceed these exports, there will be an additional charge applied to your Shopify invoice depending on your plan.


If you're on the Free plan of the Quickbooks Integration app, you will not be able to export more than 30 orders monthly. This means that you will not see any additional export fees on your Shopify billing.

Bold's Quickbooks Integration app helps export your store information from Shopify to Quickbooks Online. This means that you will need an active Quickbooks Online account to use this integration.

Please visit Intuit's Plans & Pricing article for more information on getting started with Quickbooks Online.


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