Test Cashier Before Enabling it


When Bold Cashier is enabled in the General Settings of the app, all purchases will go from the online store cart page into the Cashier checkout. When Cashier is disabled or turned off, purchases will go through Shopify's regular checkout. Visit Enable Cashier for detailed instructions.

There are two methods to get an order to go to the Cashier checkout. When Cashier is disabled, testing on an unpublished theme or using a bookmarklet. Select an option to view step-by-step instructions.

  1. Duplicate themes, to create a backup copy.
  2. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  3. Select Bold Cashier.

    Select Bold Cashier

  4. Select Settings, then General Settings.

    Select Settings/General_Settings

  5. Navigate to "Test Cashier" and select your desired unpublished theme.

    Select Unpublished Theme

  6. Select Turn Cashier On.

    Select Turn Cashier On

  7. Select Use Cashier only when required by plugins (optional).

    Select Use Cashier with Plugins

That's it!

  1. In "Google Chrome", select the Verticle Elipsis.

    select the vertical elipsis

  2. Select Bookmarks.

    select bookmarks

  3. Select Bookmark manager.

    select bookmark manager

  4. Select the Verticle Elipsis on the "Bookmarks" bar.

    select the vertical elipsis

  5. Select Add new bookmark.

    select add a new bookmark

  6. Enter a Name (i.e. Cashier Tester).

    enter a name

  7. Copy and paste the JavaScript into the URL field.
    javascript:"undefined"==typeof BOLD&&(BOLD={}),BOLD.checkout={getCookie:function(t){var e="; "+document.cookie,c=e.split("; "+t+"=");return 2===c.length?c.pop().split(";").shift():void 0},getPath:function(t){var e=document.createElement("a");return e.href=t,e.pathname},isCheckoutButton:function(t){if(t.form){var e=t.form.getAttribute("action");if(-1!==e.search(/^\/checkout\b/))return!0;if(-1!==e.search(/^\/cart\b/)&&"checkout"===t.getAttribute("name"))return!0;var c=BOLD.checkout.getPath(e);if(-1!==c.search(/^\/checkout\b/))return!0;if(-1!==c.search(/^\/cart\b/)&&"checkout"===t.getAttribute("name"))return!0}return!1},listenerFn:function(t){if(BOLD.checkout.isCheckoutButton(t.target)){t.target.form.action="/apps/checkout/begin-checkout?shop="+Shopify.shop;var e=BOLD.checkout.getCookie("cart"),c=document.createElement("INPUT");c.type="HIDDEN",c.name="cart_id",c.value=e,t.target.form.appendChild(c),BOLD&&BOLD.common&&"function"==typeof BOLD.common.eventEmitter&&BOLDCURRENCY&&BOLD.common.eventEmitter.emit("BOLD_CASHIER_checkout",{target:t.target.form})}},enable:function(){document.addEventListener("click",BOLD.checkout.listenerFn)},disable:function(){document.removeEventListener("click",BOLD.checkout.listenerFn)}},function(){BOLD.checkout.enable()}();

    copy and paste this code in the URL field

  8. Select Save.

    select Save

That's it!

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