Use Shopify Discount Connector with Cashier


Single-use discount codes can be processed through both Cashier and Shopify's checkout. Shopify doesn't communicate back with Cashier to inform us when a discount code is used and we are not able to send them this information.

Using Shopify Discount Connector with Bold Cashier allows you to use Shopify discount codes in the Cashier checkout. 

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    select apps

  2. Select Bold Cashier.

    select Bold Cashier

  3. Select Marketplace.

    Select Marketplace

  4. Next to "Shopify Discount Connector", select Install.

    Install Shopify Discount Connector

  5. Select Install unlisted app.

    select install unlisted app

  6. Select Allow.

    select allow

That's it!

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