Send Cart Notes with Cashier

To send cart notes with Cashier, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Online Store.

    select online store 

  2. Select Actions.

    select actions 

  3. Select Edit code.

    select edit code 

  4. Under "Templates", select cart.liquid.

    Note: If your theme contains sections, you may need to open cart-template.liquid, under "Sections" instead.

    select cart.liquid 

  5. Find the code that looks similar to this, it should contain name="update":

    Note: If this code doesn't exist, add it.

    <input type="submit" name="update" class="update" value="{{ 'cart.general.update' | t }}">

    find the update button code 

  6. Add this code to the bottom of the page:
    <!-- Bold Update Cart Notes -->
     function updateCartNote(){
    <!-- End update Cart Notes -->

    Add the update code 

  7. Find the note textarea, it should look similar to this:
    <textarea name="note" id="CartSpecialInstructions" class="cart-note__input">{{ cart.note }}</textarea>

    Find the note textarea 

  8. Copy and paste this code into the line:

    copy and paste the onblur code 

  9. Select Save.

    Select Save 

That's it!

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