Create a Bundle Using Buy/Get - BOGO

Pro Tip

Bundles offers two different methods for discounting your products.

To set up a Product Bundle Buy/Get or BOGO bundle, follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's Admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps 

  2. Select Product Bundles.

    Select Product Bundles 

  3. Select Product Bundles again.

    Product Bundles 

  4. Select Create New.

    select create new 

  5. Select Buy/Get.

    Note: If you aren't using Product Bundles v2, you will not see this option.

    Select Buy/Get 

  6. Select Select product.

    Select Product 

  7. Select your full priced product.

    Note: Saving your selection at this point will offer the same product for free.


  8. Select the free product you wish to offer.


  9. Select Save Selection.

    Save Selection

  10. Enter a Widget Title.

    Note: This widget title is customer facing.

    Widget Title

  11. Select a Widget Flag Text option.

    Widget Flag Text

  12. Change the Internal Name (optional) and select Save Bundle.

    Save Bundle 

That's it!

The app will take some time to go through the selected products and the bundle widgets for each of them. At that point, they'll be available on the storefront. It's a good idea at that point to go to the storefront and test the Product Bundles functionality to ensure that everything is working.

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