Discount Methods in Bold Bundles


Bold Bundles can control product pricing in two different ways:

  • Variant Dependant Method
  • Draft Order Method

Each method has benefits and limitations; you can decide which one will work better for your business.

Select each heading below for more information on the discounting methods:

With this method, Bundles creates a duplicate variant of each original for each customer level/tag in that product. Those duplicate variants are an exact copy of the ones that already exist but have the discounted price you applied.


  • Discount codes can still be used in the checkout.
  • Storefront price displays more quickly.
  • Allows checkouts directly from the cart page with third-party payment gateways (i.e. PayPal and Amazon).

Known Limitations

  • Unable to hide discounts reliably from other apps (i.e. social media and other third-party Shopify apps).
  • Too many variants can become cumbersome for some stores to manage.
  • Limited by Shopify's 100 variant per product limit.
  • Wait time to keep discounts in sync with latest store prices.
  • Not compatible with inventory management apps (an exception to this is StitchLabs).  This problem is because they see the variants created by the app as individual product listings 
  • If you use discount codes, they can stack on the existing Bold Bundles discount which may result in double discounting.
  • Sometimes allows customers to purchase out of stock items.

With this method, a draft order is created with the discounts and processed when the user selects the checkout button.


  • No variants are created.
  • No need to pause the app when importing or editing products in the Shopify admin.
  • Faster syncing to keep discounts in sync with latest store prices.
  • More compatible with inventory management apps.
  • Follows Shopify's out of stock rules.
  • Products don’t have tagging information appended to the product name.

Known Limitations

  • Third-party checkout buttons (i.e. Amazon, Apple, PayPal) should be hidden on the cart page and visible in the checkout.
  • Draft orders remain in your Shopify admin after a customer has checked out.
  • You cannot use Shopify discount codes at all (this may be a benefit, depending on your business). 

By default, the Draft Orders method is supplied on new installs of Bundles, for detailed instructions to switch, visit Switch Discount Methods in Bold Bundles.

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