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This feature is only available with the premium version of Bold Bundles. Visit Change Price Plan in Bold Bundles for more information on how to upgrade.

Bold Bundles allows you to make "Combo Products" that hold the place of bundles created in your store. A combo product is a new item that Bundles creates on a separate product page. This holds the place of the associated bundle's products, and lets your customers purchase an entire bundle by adding one product to their cart.

Note: Combo products are not compatible with the Shopify POS sales channel. Offering these items through Shopify POS causes issues with the inventory of the items contained in the combo product.

The combo product monitors the inventory of all the products associated with the bundle. If inventory becomes unavailable for one of the items, the app will remove the combo product from the customer's cart. The combo product will then no longer be visible on the site until the bundle's inventory is available again.

Customers are able to purchase the bundles through the widget on each of the respective products' pages. They can also add each item individually and receive their bundle discount on the cart page. Directly purchasing the combo product adds all the items associated with the bundle to the cart, then splits itself into each of the items once the customer reaches the cart page.

You can generate this new product when creating a bundle:

Generate Product

The combo product will then display on your storefront like so:

Combo Product on Storefront

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens to the images on our products in the bundle?

  • All of the images that the bundle is composed of get attached to the combo product. You can edit the combo product from within the "Products" section of your Shopify admin.

Can I offer these combo products through other sales channels?

  • These products can be offered through other sales channels; with the exception of Shopify POS. When a combo product is sold through another channel, it's not broken up into the items that are associated with the bundle. The singular combo product is passed through the checkout and attached to the order. The inventory is then deducted from each product that was purchased in the "bundle".

    Visit Can I offer combo products through other sales channels? for more information on this feature.

What if my bundle products have variants?

  • Combo products can represent bundles that have variants attached to their items. The combo product page shows a variant selector to the customer with the associated products' names, as well as the quantities of each product. The main restriction with this feature is that all of the variants on each product must be the same price. Bundles won't allow you to make a combo product if an item in the created bundle has variants that vary in price.

    Example: Product A has three variants that are $15, $20, and $25 - a combo product could not be created for a bundle that contains this item. Product B has three variants that are all $20 - a combo product can be created for a bundle that contains this item.

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